07 Apr 2021

Iranian ‘spy ship’ damaged by explosion in Red Sea

An Iranian ship, called the Saviz, has been damaged by an explosion that occurred while the ship was anchored off of Yemen’s Red Sea coast. The ship is allegedly used by Revolutionary Guards to spy on foreign entities, according to Iran’sforeign ministry. The blast caused no casualties and is still

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06 Apr 2021

U.S., Iran Begin Indirect Talks to Revive 2015 Nuclear Deal

On Tuesday, Western and Iranian officials kicked off talks aiming to revive the broken 2015 nuclear accord, a deal that the US pulled out of under the Trump administration after repeated violations on behalf of Iran. The negotiations will challenge the current tensions between Washington and Tehran, as Iran has

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01 Apr 2021

APT Charming Kitten Pounces on Medical Researchers

Researchers have found that the advanced persistent threat group with known links to Iran called Charming Kitten has been targeting genetic, neurology, and oncology professionals in a credential-stealing campaign. Security researchers have linked the campaign, which occurred in late 2020, to the Iranian group, stating that the APT sought to

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31 Mar 2021

As Their Ties Strengthen, Will Iran and Russia Coordinate Their Influence Campaigns?

Iran and Russia have a relationship that has wavered between strong mutual support and contention.  Currently, the two have drawn closer having the same strategic goal – offsetting U.S. influence in the Middle East.  Russia provides Iran with significant economic and military support. With sanctions applied against Iran by the United States and Europe, Tehran has forged closer economic ties with Moscow, highlighted by Iran’s joining a free trade agreement with the Eurasian Economic Union, of which Russia is prominent member. This post dives into what CEOs and other business leaders should know about this geopolitical dynamic.

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08 Mar 2021

Iran-Backed Houthi Rebels Say They Targeted Saudi Oil Port

On Sunday, Iran’s Houthi rebels announced that they had attacked a major Saudi Arabian oil port located on the Perian Gulf. The Iranian forces reportedly used drones and missiles to conduct the attack. Saudi authorities claim that the strike caused no casualties or damage to the facility. The Saudi Energy

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05 Mar 2021

U.N. condemns up to 23 killings in Iran’s border area with Pakistan

At least 12 people have been killed on the border of Pakistan and Iran, according to a statement made by the UN on Friday. The border is located in Iran’s Sistan-Baluchistan province, where Iranian security forces and Revolutionary guards have allegedly used lethal force against fuel couriers from ethnic minorities.

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01 Mar 2021

Netanyahu blames Iran for blast on Israeli-owned ship in Gulf of Oman

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has publicly blamed Iran for an explosion last week in the Gulf of Oman. The explosion damaged an Israeli ship, reportedly ripping holes in both sides of its hull. The vessel was a vehicle carrier traveling from Saudi Arabia to Singapore, according to local media

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18 Feb 2021

500 vehicles in flames after fuel tanker explodes on Afghanistan-Iran border

In Afghanistan, more than 500 vehicles on the Iranian border went up in flames after a fuel tanker located at the site exploded, according to local officials. The fire was located at the customs office in Islam Qala, in the western province of Herat. Photos and video footage show tall

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18 Feb 2021

Iran to Tightly Restrict Inspectors’ Access if U.S. Sanctions Not Lifted

Iran has warned that it plans to restrict inspectors’ access to monitoring the country’s nuclear activities next week if the US fails to lift economic sanctions. Iran has been heavily pushing for sanctions to be dropped since President Joe Biden took office last January. Iran had already indicated that it

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11 Feb 2021

Iran Has Started Producing Uranium Metal, in Violation of 2015 Accords, IAEA Says

Iran is stepping up pressure on US President Joe Biden to lift economic sanctions imposed on Tehran by producing uranium metal, a process that is banned under the 2015 nuclear accords. The material can be used to form the core of a nuclear weapon. The United Nations atomic agency released

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