03 Aug 2020

Iran cover-up of deaths revealed by data leak

According to an investigation conducted by BBC Persia, the number of COVID-19 deaths in Iran is nearly triple what the government has been reporting. The government’s records state that 42,000 people have died with COVID-19 symptoms as of July 20, whereas the health ministry only reported 14,405 deaths. The number

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29 Jul 2020

Iran launches underground ballistic missiles during exercise

On Wednesday, Iran launched underground ballistic missiles as part of a paramilitary Revolutionary Gaurd exercise that also included a mock-up aircraft carrier. The drill took place in the Strait of Hormuz and caused two American bases to temporarily go on alert. Drone footage appears to show the Gaurd launching missiles

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28 Jul 2020

Iran Plagued with Almost a Dozen Explosions over a Three Week Period

Over the past few weeks, Iran has experienced an alarming amount of explosions occurring at various critical infrastructure locations. This post recaps explosions reported in the media and adds context which may help assess what will come next. 

At the time of this writing, 11 major events have been reported. Iran is a closed society and there may be many other events that have not been reported.

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16 Jul 2020

Iranian Spies Accidentally Leaked Videos of Themselves Hacking

IBM’s X-Force security team has revealed that they have gained access to five hours of video footage that depict hacking group ITG18, an Iranian threat actor group also known as APT35 or Charming Kitten, performing cybercrimes. The video, according to IBM, seems to be recorded directly from the screens of

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14 Jul 2020

Iran executes man convicted of selling missile information to CIA

Iranian authorities claim that it has executed a former defense ministry employee who allegedly sold information to the US CIA. The man in question, Reza Asgari, was executed last week according to judiciary spokesman Gholamhossein Esmaili. Esmaili stated that Asgari sold details on Iran’s missile program to the CIA after

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10 Jul 2020

Iran explosions: Officials deny reports of fresh blast

Social media users in Iran reported explosions in the cities of Garmdareh and Qods, according to state media, however, Iranian officials have denied all reports of an explosion taking place. These reports made through social media are the latest in a series of mysterious explosions recorded throughout the country in

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02 Jul 2020

Iran issues arrest warrant for Trump over drone strike that killed Qasem Soleimani

Iran has issued an arrest warrant for US President Donald Trump for his involvement in the drone strike that killed a top Iranian general in January. Trump is one of 36 people who now have a warrant out for their arrest in relation to the death of the general, Qasem

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17 Jun 2020

Months into virus, biggest one-day case spike worries Iran

Iran was hit by the COVID-19 virus harder than any other Middle Eastern country when the virus spread rapidly throughout the region a few months ago. Now, Iran is facing a resurgence of the pandemic as Iran reported its highest single-day spike in reported cases yesterday, followed by the highest

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15 Jun 2020

Twitter Removes 30,000 State-Linked Manipulation Accounts

On Friday, Twitter announced that more than 30,000 accounts pertaining to three large networks in China, Turkey, and Russia, were removed from the platform following suspicious state-linked manipulation activities. Twitter stated that the 32,242 were added to the company’s archive of state-linked information operations, then promptly removed from Twitter permanently.

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05 Jun 2020

U.S. and Iran Exchange Prisoners in Deal

US Navy veteran Michael White was released by Iranian authorities after nearly two years in custody as part of a prisoner deal between the US and Iran. Mr. White suffered from a recurrence of cancer while in Iranian custody, as well as acute asthma, and was released on medical furlough

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