16 Mar 2020

Iran’s Coronavirus Strategy Favored Economy Over Public Health, Leaving Both Exposed

When faced with the difficult choice of choosing to close the country down to contain the outbreak of COVID-19 or to keep the economy running and risk disastrous infection rates, Iran chose the economy, which proved to be incredibly detrimental to the country’s overall wellbeing. Within three weeks of announcing

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13 Mar 2020

Iran asks for billions in loans as virus death toll climbs

Iran is one of many countries to feel the damaging effects of the Coronavirus on its population and economy. Within the past week, Iran was forced to ask the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for a $5 billion dollar loan to combat the shortages in relation to the Coronavirus upon its

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12 Mar 2020

UK soldier and two Americans killed in rocket attack in Iraq

As a result of a rocket attack against US and UK bases, three soldiers have died and at least 12 others have been injured. The attack, which occurred in Iraq, killed an American soldier, an American contractor, and a British soldier, however, no names have been released at this point.

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05 Mar 2020

Iran to temporarily free 54,000 prisoners as coronavirus spreads

Iran is planning to temporarily release 54,000 imprisoned individuals and employ thousands of health workers as officials announced new measures to contain the COVID-19 outbreak within the country. Iran has reported 92 deaths and 586 new infections overnight, which raises the country’s total to almost 3,000 infections. The country has

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28 Feb 2020

World harshens its virus response as epidemic worsens by day

Over the past week, several countries have implemented strict temporary travel bans and heightened security as the number of people infected with the novel coronavirus continues to rise and spread to new countries. Saudi Arabia has blocked travel to the Kaaba in Mecca, one of Islam’s holiest sites, while South

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27 Feb 2020

Saudi Arabia halts travel to Islam’s holiest site over virus

On Thursday, Saudi Arabia announced that it has halted travel to the Kaaba amid fears over the novel coronavirus. The Kaaba is located in the holy city of Mecca, where Muslims travel to for the annual hajj pilgrimage, which occurs in just a few months. The announcement comes as the

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27 Feb 2020

U.S. Forces Return to Saudi Arabia to Deter Attacks by Iran

2,500 US military personnel have been relocated to Prince Sultan Air Base in Saudi Arabia, nearly 17 years after the US troops largely evacuated the kingdom. After maintaining a small footprint in Saudi Arabia over the past decade and a half, the return of US troops to the country reflects

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25 Feb 2020

Coronavirus: World must prepare for pandemic, says WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) warned the world that the outbreak of the novel coronavirus is not yet considered a pandemic, but that countries must do more to prepare for impending outbreaks within their borders. WHO stated that countries should be “in a phase of preparedness.” South Korea, Italy, and

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21 Feb 2020

Global Terror-Finance Watchdog Set to Sanction Iran

The Paris-based Financial Action Task Force is expected to blacklist Iran on Friday after European governments joined the US in their efforts to isolate Tehran. The blacklist aims to isolate Iran financially, straining the already weak economy after years of sanctions. This will broaden the US-led effort after recent events

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19 Feb 2020

Iranian Hackers Backdoored VPNs Via One-Day Bugs

Security researchers have reported that unpatched bugs in VPN and RDPs allowed Iran to conduct a cyber-espionage campaign that infiltrated global organizations. Although the campaign was already attributed to APT33, a state-sponsored hacking group, security firm Clearsky has publicized further details. The new report claims that the three-year-long campaign named

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