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03 Dec 2018

Join OODA at the People Centered Internet to Help Shape the Future of Humanity

A historic meeting is being convened 10 December 2018 to help ensure humanity is in charge of our own destiny. This event, convened by the People-Centered Internet Coalition, includes key Internet pioneers and next generation change agents coming together to share lessons learned and chart a course for the future.

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26 Nov 2018

Best Security, Business, and Technology Books of 2018

The top ten books of the year as curated by OODA Loop founder Matt Devost.

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19 Nov 2018

Terror Threat Snapshot

The U.S. House Homeland Security Committee has released a new Terror Threat Snapshot report.

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22 Oct 2018

Manage Insider Threat Risk and Prevent ‘Big Brother’ Perception, Part 2

This is the second article in a four-part series focused on proactively managing corporate security culture and workforce expectations as your organization prepares to prevent, detect, and respond to insider risk incidents.

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03 Oct 2018

Why Tech Projects Flop and How to Fix Them! A Recovering Federal CIO’s Perspective

An award-winning former Federal CIO shares secrets for running a successful technology program.

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