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21 Oct 2021

What the C-Suite Needs to Know about the Potential Political Instability of Xi Jinping, the CPC and the PLA

The Sunday Morning Herald reports that Xi Jinping and his loyalists have experienced a plot against their power; have deployed subsequent purges of power based on these challenges, and question the loyalty of their top military brass in China. Details of these events are reviewed here.

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20 Oct 2021

Renowned Encryption Experts Sound the Alarm on Client-Side Scanning (CSS)

Public safety and law enforcement officials continue to explore a viable technological solution to their need to lawfully gain access to information on smartphones. The solution currently under consideration, Client-Side Scanning or CSS, grows out of an August 2021 proposal from Apple, Inc.

A group of technologists, who for the last 25 years have come together to co-author seminal articles warning about threats to encryption, have released yet another warning, this time concerning CSS. The paper, entitled Bugs in our Pockets: The Risks of Client-Side Scanning, comes complete with recommendations for lawmakers and policymakers.

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19 Oct 2021

Can Moscow Break Biden’s Full-Court Press Against Russian Cyber Criminal Malfeasance?

Attacks against supply chain, energy, water, fuel, and food, many of which are believed to have been orchestrated by Russian nationals, have underscored the need for the international community to try to find practical ways to reduce the volume of this activity.

The Biden Administration decided to convene a 30-country meeting to discuss this growing cybercrime problem. Conspicuously, Russia was left off the list of participants in the meeting, an interesting omission considering Russian cyber criminals’ perpetuation of ransomware campaigns that have netted millions of dollars in extortion fees.

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18 Oct 2021

Chet Richards on Applying OODA Loops in Business (Part 2 of 2)

In August of 2020, Matt Devost and Bob Gourley spoke with Chet Richards, a close associate of the late US Air Force Colonel John Boyd. Richards was there as the concept of the OODA Loop was being developed. Chet is the author of “Certain to Win”, the first book to describe how the OODA Loop and associated Boyd concepts apply to today’s business problems.

In this conversation, Richards shares his, and Boyd’s, perspectives on applying the OODA Loop in Business.

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14 Oct 2021

First-Ever U.S. Cyber Team Announced to Compete in Athens at the ICC in June 2022

2021 is the first year of the US Cyber Games – part of a global competition that will recognize cyber athletes who can work in competitive environments to successfully operate in cyberspace.

On October 5, 2021, the first-ever US Cyber Team was announced at the US Cyber Games Draft Day in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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