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24 May 2018

Let’s be Honest…the Price of Bitcoin is Likely Being Manipulated

The wild price swings in the cryptocurrency markets is being investigated by the U.S. Justice Department over concerns that traders are manipulating prices. Potential issues include collusion between actors to generate price volatility and also that individual users are operating multiple accounts to trade with themselves and generate false demand

24 May 2018

Your Home Router Could be Compromised by Russian Spies

Cisco’s Talos security intelligence group has reported on their discovery of a new malware variant called VPNFilter that is targeting home routers and firewalls. Cisco claims the malware has infected at least 500,000 home devices, primarily focused on home and small business routers and network connected storage devices. Brands impacted

16 May 2018

DHS Releases New Cyber Strategy

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has released a new cyber strategy which sets a five year goal to “have improved national cybersecurity risk management by increasing security and resilience across government networks and critical infrastructure; decreasing illicit cyber activity; improving responses to cyber incidents; and fostering a more secure

11 May 2018

Three Critical Factors Increasing Cyber Risk for 2019

In 2008, I wrote and essay entitled “The Year of Living Cyberdangerously” in which I noted that I couldn’t “help but think that 2009 will be a precipice year in the cybersecurity domain.” My gut instinct was right, in that 2009 brought us the Aurora attacks and the popularization of

09 May 2018

Who’s Who in Russian Cyber Espionage Operations

The following overview of Russian espionage operations was extracted from the excellent Report on Russian Security Issues, released by the country of Estonia. As a discipline, cyber espionage in Russia is quite old. The KGB had top-level technical capabilities for spying on the West. Signals intelligence of the time encompassed

09 May 2018

Estonia Report Provides Critical Insight into Russian Security Threat

A new international security report produced by the country of Estonia is essential reading for anyone interested in Russian security issues, both in the cyber domain and in Eastern Europe. “Estonian security institutions have been talking for years about attempts on Russia’s part to splinter the unity and trust that

08 May 2018

U.S. Intelligence Community Studied Warp Drives and Parallel Dimensions

A recently released report reveals that in 2010 the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Defense Warning Office commissioned a report on Warp Drive, Dark Energy, and the Manipulation of Extra Dimensions. The report focused on the feasibility and science of these technologies and the potential implications for national security. “The idea that

04 May 2018

U.S. Executives Warned of China Hacking Threat Following Trump Tariffs

A new report from the U.S. State Department Overseas Advisory Council (OSAC) warns U.S. executives of an increased threat of cyber espionage as a result of trade tariffs being imposed by the Trump Administration. The report notes that “some experts believe that one side effect of this simmering trade dispute


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