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14 Feb 2019

OODA Research Report: What Business Needs To Know About Security In Space

The last decade has seen an incredible increase in the commercial use of space. Businesses and individual consumers now leverage space solutions that are so integrated into our systems that they seem invisible. Some of these services include: Communications, including very high-speed low latency communications to distant and mobile users

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13 Feb 2019

What The Executive Needs To Know About Artificial Intelligence

OODA Loop is pleased to announce our latest members only special report: A Decision-Maker’s Guide To Artificial Intelligence. This report is designed to help you make the most of AI in your organization. It provides clear, hype-free articulations of fundamental concepts, succinct examples of highly impactful use cases, and tips you

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08 Feb 2019

Russia 2020 – What Will Putin Do Next?

With the 2018 midterm elections completed an appropriate level of focus is required to think through “What’s next?” from and adversarial perspective.  While is highly unlikely that Russia sits this one out, it is as equally unlikely that the next series of influence operations will look like the previous ones in 2016.  How will Russian strategies of “reflexive control” and “hybrid warfare” impact the United States and other going forward?

Proactively thinking about adversary innovation needs to be a critical part of our cyber defense strategy, not just within the U.S. government but in private industry as well.  Here is our informal take on some of the threat trends we will be confronting over the next two years.

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06 Feb 2019

The Russian Threat – An OODA Network Webinar

OODA Network Members are invited to participate in our webinar on the Russian Threat scheduled for Tuesday February 19, 2019 at 2:00 p.m. EST.

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04 Feb 2019

The Russian Threat – An OODA Research Report

This members only special report captures insights into the capabilities and intent of the Russian Federation, with a special focus on the cyber domain.

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