OODA Loop is a content platform designed to provide critical intelligence, analysis and insight on global security, technology, and business issues. It is operated by OODA LLC.

OODA Loop is the culmination of four years of experimentation by a team of engineers and analysts and informed by over 20 years of thinking about the nexus of strategic and tactical intelligence. At the end of the day, a simple premise first put in a briefing in 1997 was the most important element – “It is not the tools, it’s the talent.”

The core of the OODA Loop project is the team of Experts & Analysts available to write, influence, and provide critical insight that contributes to the quality of the content published on the site. These Experts & Analysts are also available for special projects or studies.

The research agenda is defined by the core analytical team and expert advisors. Feedback from subscribers will also be solicited on a recurring basis.

The content is structured within some very intuitive categories capable of capturing a broad range of issues.

Curated OSINT – Links to open source stories of interest are categorized by topic area, tagged, and published in real-time. Entries in the category will always link to an external site and will always be free.

Security – Covers a broad spectrum of international risk issues including homeland security, terrorism, cyber, geopolitical conflict, and organized crime.

Technology – Focuses on emerging or disruptive technologies that could have a disproportionate impact on business, governance, or society. This also includes innovative ways to use existing technology or adaptation to achieve technology surprise.

Opportunity – Explores issues of international opportunity that represent pivot points in markets, regional stability, or the global economy in general.

Industry – Examines and profiles interesting companies, solutions, news, developments, or collaboration within the private sector.

Premium Analysis is offered on a subscription basis.