24 Aug 2021

Hackers Leak Footage of Iranian Prison

Hacking group Edalat-e Ali has allegedly released silent videos capturing the living conditions inside Tehran’s Evin Prison after compromising their systems and accessing surveillance footage. The prison typically houses political prisoners, according to reports. Iran International confirmed that they received the images and video footage from the hacking group on

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06 Aug 2021

Iran-Linked Hackers Expand Arsenal With New Android Backdoor

Charming Kitten, an Iran-backed advanced persistent threat group, has allegedly added a new Android backdoor to its repository. The group has also successfully compromised individuals associated with the Iran reformist movement as of late, according to security researchers at IBM. The group has been active since 2011 and frequently targets

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04 Aug 2021

Iranian APT Lures Defense Contractor in Catfishing-Malware Scam

A new campaign using catfishing techniques with fake aerobics-instructor profiles has been discovered in a supply-chain attack attempt originating from an Iranian APT, TA456. The threat actors created convincing profiles of objectively attractive women to charm victims into downloading malware. According to a new report from Proofpoint, the campaign allegedly

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02 Aug 2021

UK and Romanian crew killed in attack on tanker linked to Israeli billionaire off coast of Oman

Last Friday, two crew members died when a tanker connected to Israeli billionaire Eyal Ofer was attacked off the coast of Oman. According to the ship’s management, the individuals killed in the attack were of British and Romanian nationality. The company reported that it suspected the incident onboard the Mercer

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29 Jul 2021

Hackers used never-before-seen wiper in recent attack on Iranian train system

Researchers at cybersecurity company SentinelOne recently released a report detailing a recent cyberattack on Iran’s train system. The report identifies a new threat actor dubbed MeteorExpress and a previously unknown wiper. The attack was initially reported by local news outlets on July 9, stating that hackers were defacing display screens

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28 Jul 2021

Under pressure, Iranian MPs postpone internet restriction bill

Iran’s parliament has suspended its review of a highly controversial bill that would lead to heightened internet restrictions within the country, according to citizens and businesses. The bill was first proposed three years ago and is titled the Protecting Users in Cyberspace and Organizing Social Media Act. However, despite the

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27 Jul 2021

Water crisis protests reportedly continue in Iran, with chants in capital

According to reports, street protests over water shortages throughout southwest Iran continued for the sixth night on Tuesday. The country has been experiencing a rise in violence, while residents in the capital shouted anti-government slogans. The protests came to light via a series of videos posted to social media on

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09 Jul 2021

Taliban capture key Afghanistan-Iran border crossing

A major border crossing between Afghanistan and Iran has been captured by the Taliban. Video footage shows the Taliban forces taking down the Afghan flag from the roof of the border customs office. The Islam Qala is one of the largest trade gateways into Iran, the gateway generates approximately $20m

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29 Jun 2021

Iran-Backed Militias Fire Rockets in New Attack Aimed at U.S. Forces

Yesterday night, US troops in northeast Syria came under rocket fire after Iran-backed militias vowed revenge for US airstrikes earlier that day. The retaliation may be a sign that the fighting is evolving into a sustained confrontation. A spokesman for the US-led coalition stated that multiple rockets had been fired

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28 Jun 2021

Iran-Backed Militias Threaten Revenge After U.S. Airstrikes in Iraq, Syria

On Monday, Iran-backed militias vowed to take revenge against the US after the country conducted overnight airstrikes in Iraq and Syria. The event underscores Iraq’s inability to rein in the groups that have been responsible for attacks on American troops in the past. The US strikes allegedly killed four members

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