05 Jan 2023

Taliban says eight ISIL fighters killed in raids in Afghanistan

The Afghan Taliban has killed eight ISIL fighters and arrested several others in raids. The series of raids targeted key figures in attacks in Kabul. The raids occurred in the capital city and western Nimroz province. The targeted ISIL members organized the recent attacks on the Longan Hotel in Kabul,

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22 Dec 2022

Taliban arrest women protesting against university ban

The Taliban has arrested five women that took part in a protest in the Afghan capital of Kabul against the ban on women attending universities. The Taliban also arrested three journalists. The protests also occurred in the Takhar province in addition to Kabul.  Hundreds of women were stopped from entering

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20 Dec 2022

Taliban release two detained Americans in ‘goodwill gesture’

The Taliban have released two Americans that had been in detention in Afghanistan according to the state department on Tuesday. The Americans’ release came on the same day as the Taliban faced condemnation for banning women at universities.  The state department spokesperson said that the release of the prisoners was

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20 Dec 2022

33 militants killed at Pakistan police station

Pakistani security forces have retaken a previously captured police station and killed all 33 hostage-takers according to the defense minister. Islamist militants from the Pakistani Taliban seized the police station in the north-western Bannu district on Sunday.  Several people, including security officials were inside the station at the time of

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07 Dec 2022

Taliban conduct first public execution since return to power

The Taliban has carried out what is believed to be their first public execution since the group’s return to power in Afghanistan last year. A man was killed at a crowded sports stadium in Farah province after he confessed to murder.  Dozens of the group’s leaders attended the hanging. The

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30 Nov 2022

Students killed as bomb blast hits Afghan school

At least 10 people have been killed after a bomb struck a religious school in northern Afghanistan. The blast occurred in Aybak in the Samangan province and left many people injured. The death toll remains uncertain, but is estimated to be 17 people.  No group has claimed responsibility for the

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15 Nov 2022

Taliban to impose their interpretation of Sharia law in Afghanistan

Judges in Afghanistan have been ordered by the Taliban to impose their interpretation of Sharia Law on the country. Sharia Law will include potential public executions, flogging and amputations. The command was made by Afghanistan’s Supreme Leader Alaiqadar Amirul Momineen after meeting with judges to investigate certain judicial cases.  Sharia

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18 Aug 2022

Deadly blast rips through crowded Kabul mosque

An explosion ripped through a crowded mosque in the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul, killing 21 people and injuring 33. The blast occurred Wednesday evening during evening prayers. The mosque’s imam AMir Muhammad Kabuli is among the people who were killed by the explosion.  It is unclear who executed the attack.

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15 Aug 2022

Taliban celebrates ‘victory day’, as Afghans face economic crisis

The Taliban has marked the first year anniversary  of its return to power in Afghanistan. Taliban members celebrated the “day of victory” in the capital, Kabul. The group captured Kabul in a lightning offensive against government forces as US-led troops were leaving the country after two decades of intervention.  Exactly

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08 Aug 2022

Top Pakistan Taliban leader killed in Afghanistan roadside attack

A vehicle carrying members of the Pakistan Taliban, including a senior leader and three other members, was struck by a roadside bomb in eastern Afghanistan. The late night bombing killed the senior leader and the other three members of the Taliban according to Pakistani officials.  Abdul Wali, or Omar Khalid

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