23 Mar 2020

Pompeo Arrives in Kabul on a Diplomatic Rescue Mission

Mike Pompeo, US Secretary of State, arrived in Kabul on Monday for an unannounced diplomatic rescue mission to Afghanistan. Pompeo visited Afghanistan for one day, to bridge a political impasse that has interfered with US efforts to withdraw all of its troops from the country. Pompeo also looks to promote

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12 Mar 2020

Afghans Agree to Release Taliban Prisoners to Advance Talks

On Tuesday, the Afghan government agreed to release 1,500 Taliban prisoners as a gesture of goodwill before beginning negotiations with the terrorist group, causing controversy in Washington. Last month, the US signed a deal with the insurgent group to withdraw all troops within 14 months, under specific conditions including that

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05 Mar 2020

U.S.-Taliban Deal Comes Under Pressure Amid Military Action

After a resurgence of violence and diplomatic tension between Washington and Kabul, the Trump administration is facing problems trying to uphold a landmark agreement with the Taliban. President Ashraf Ghani, on Wednesday, declined to meet with Trump’s special envoy that arrived in Kabul in an attempt to salvage an agreement.

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28 Jan 2020

US says mystery crash in Afghanistan was US Air Force plane

An American military aircraft went down in eastern Afghanistan earlier this week according to the US military. It remains unclear how the plane crashed, as there were no indications that it had been brought down by enemy fire as of today. The investigation to find the cause of the crash

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12 Nov 2019

Deal With Taliban Will Free American and Australian Professors, Officials Say

The Afghan government and the Taliban negotiated a prisoner exchange that would liberate American professor Kevin King and Australian professor Timothy Weeks, both former professors at the American University of Afghanistan. Three senior Taliban figures will also be released, including Anas Haqqani. President Ashraf Ghani of Afghanistan stated that the

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09 Oct 2019

US denies report civilians killed in airstrikes on Taliban meth labs

In May of this year, the United States army killed 30 civilians in Afghanistan as part of a military campaign targeting sites said to be used by Taliban members for the production of methamphetamine,  an investigation by the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) has concluded. UNAMA stated that

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23 Sep 2019

Afghan Taliban meet with Chinese officials after talks with US collapse

On Sunday, about two weeks after US President Donald Trump cancelled secret negotiations with Taliban leaders, 9 members of the militant group discussed the failure of the US-Taliban deal with Chinese officials, a Taliban spokesman has stated. China previously expressed support for an intra-Afghan dialogue to end the war in

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17 Sep 2019

Taliban attacks kill 30, Afghan leader unhurt as bomb hits rally

The Taliban on Tuesday carried out two suicide bomb attacks in Afghanistan that killed 30 people and wounded at least 45 more. The deadliest of the two explosions occurred at an election rally by President Ashraf Ghani, who was not hurt in the incident. Both attacks were claimed by the

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09 Sep 2019

More Americans will die after Trump abruptly ends Afghan talks, Taliban say

US President Donald Trump cancelled secret negotiations with Taliban leaders on Saturday after the group claim responsibility for a recent attack in Kabul that claimed the lives of a US soldier and 11 others. The Taliban slammed Trump’s decision and warned that it “will lead to more losses to the

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04 Sep 2019

Afghan government has concerns about US-Taliban peace deal

The Afghan government wants Washington to clarify its draft peace agreement with the Taliban so that Kabul can “completely analyze its dangers and negative consequences and avoid the dangers,” the spokesperson of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said on Wednesday. Under the agreement, which still needs to be approved by US

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