01 Nov 2021

Left Behind After U.S. Withdrawal, Some Former Afghan Spies and Soldiers Turn to Islamic State

According to Taliban leaders, former Afghan republic security officials, and those close to the individuals, some former members of Afghanistan’s US-trained intelligence service and elite military units have enlisted in the Islamic State. After being abandoned in the country and hunted by the Taliban, they have joined the only force

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29 Oct 2021

Four U.S. Intelligence Agencies Produced Extensive Reports on Afghanistan, but All Failed to Predict Kabul’s Rapid Collapse

U.S. intelligence agencies offered assessments of the staying power of the Afghan military and government prior to the withdrawal of American troops instead of predicting the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan. Four different intelligence agencies completed nearly two dozen assessments that charted the Taliban advances from spring 2020, ending in July

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25 Oct 2021

Afghanistan Facing Desperate Food Crisis, UN Warns

According to a recent UN report, millions of Afghans will face starvation this winter unless urgent action is taken to ensure food security. More than half of the population currently faces food shortages, while 3.2 million children under the age of five are at risk for acute malnutrition, according to

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19 Oct 2021

U.S. Afghan Envoy Stepping Down After Failure of Talks

Zalmay Khalilzad, the current special representative for Afghanistan under the Biden administration, will step down after two years of unsuccessful negotiations over a peace deal with Taliban officials. The group seized control of Afghanistan in August. Mr. Khalilzad had held a range of different roles spanning several administrations, notably the

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14 Oct 2021

Taliban Allow Teenage Afghan Girls Back in Some Provincial Schools—but Not in Kabul

The Taliban has allowed middle and high school girls to resume studies across several provinces in northern Afghanistan. The move may be an indication of how the Islamist group’s policies on key issues such as education for girls and women are being influenced by the international community and cultural differences

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01 Oct 2021

Taliban Evict Hazara Shiite Muslims From Villages, Rewarding Loyalists

The Taliban have allegedly displaced hundreds of families belonging to the Shiite Hazara community in central Afghanistan. The move has reinforced fears of renewed persecution against the minority group, which has suffered under Taliban rule in the past. The evictions occurred in the Gizab district of the Uruzgan province after

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28 Sep 2021

From Semiconductor Supply Chains to Dirty Bombs: Summary of the September 2021 OODA Network Member Meeting

The September monthly meeting covered a range of issues, from planning for an upcoming OODA Network wargame exercise to a recent cyber vulnerability and mitigation, future research on CISA and critical infrastructure, and recent events in France surrounding the discovery of IEDs with uranium traces.

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24 Sep 2021

Islamic State Attacks in Eastern Afghanistan Challenge Taliban Rule

The Islamic State’s regional affiliate is challenging the Taliban’s control of Afghanistan as a group of attacks killed at least five people in the Nangarhar province on Wednesday. The attacks included at least two bombings and a gun attack in Jalalabad. At least two Taliban fighters and a civilian were

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22 Sep 2021

UN releases funds to save Afghan health system from collapse

$45 million in emergency funds were released by the United Nations aid chief to prevent Afghanistan’s healthcare system from collapsing. The funds were released from the UN’s Central Emergency Response Fund as medical supplies, medications nad fuel are running out in the country.  Afghanistan’s health care delivery system could fall

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17 Sep 2021

This mobile app is helping Afghans navigate Kabul following the Taliban takeover

The crowdsourced news alert app Ehtesab continued their work providing Afghans with critical information after the Taliban entered Kabul last month. The app shows which roads are congested and where outbreaks of violence have been reported. The app reported the twin attacks of suicide bombings at the Hamid Karzai Airport

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