18 Aug 2020

Pentagon Launches New Task Force to Study UFOs

The Pentagon has set up a task force that aims to investigate Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. The initiative will be spearheaded by the Department of the Navy. The investigative unit was reportedly set up due to sightings and incidents reported by US military personnel. The formation of the group was also

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14 Jul 2020

Army Investigative Unit Looks to Detect and Trace Cryptocurrency Transactions

The Army Contracting Command, a top Pentagon investigative unit, announced plans to tap into an existing cloud-based solution in order to quickly detect unlawful cryptocurrency transactions. The entity invited potential new partners to offer opinions on their capacity to supply a cryptocurrency investigation service, stating that the application must provide

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23 Jun 2020

5G-Focused Legislation Aims to Improve Security in Military Telecom Infrastructure

On Thursday, Representatives Rick Larsen and Mike Gallagher introduced the DoD 5G Act, bipartisan legislation that directs the Defense Department in pursuing secure 5G information and communications technology cohesively across the military. The act calls for the creation of a telecommunications security program that would be lead by the defense

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18 Jun 2020

Pentagon Unveils New Defense Space Strategy

On June 17, the Pentagon unveiled a new Defense Space Strategy that aims to ensure the US maintains military superiority over advanced adversaries such as China and Russia. The new plan signifies the critical moment in space exploration that we are currently in. The US military is also increasingly shifting

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11 May 2020

Pentagon Wants Better Data For Its Predictive Aircraft Maintenance AI

On May 7, the Pentagon’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) released a request for information, seeking ideas on how to improve its use of AI to predict when its planes, helicopters, and unmanned aerial vehicles require repairs or maintenance. the JAIC indicated in the solicitation that it has experienced challenges

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06 May 2020

Pentagon Wants AI to Predict Behavioral Changes in Troops

The Pentagon is now seeking AI solutions to help the US military identify significant behavioral changes in troops including those related to depression, mental health, or other psychological issues, stating that it can have a debilitating effect on the team and may result in mission failure, injury, and death during

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22 Apr 2020

DARPA Wants Tech That Can Trick Computer Vision

A newly unveiled Artificial Intelligence Exploration Opportunity reveals that the Pentagon’s research arm is searching for new technologies that have the ability to disrupt, fool, or undermine the systems that allow computers to “see.” The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is seeking proposals for innovative technical research concepts that aim

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14 Apr 2020

Hackers Exploit Coronavirus to ‘Surge’ Attacks on the Pentagon

The Pentagon has reportedly witnessed an increase in cyberattacks due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a statement made by officials on Monday. Hackers are aiming to exploit restrictions due to the virus that has enforced work-from-home movements. The surge in cyberattacks is particularly concerning for government agencies such as

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24 Mar 2020

White House pushes for more telework as first DOD contractor dies because of COVID-19

The White House has announced that government agencies must utilize technology to support teleworking capabilities after COVID-19 took its first victim from the Pentagon. The memo, which was issued by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), states that agencies should be taking steps to ensure that employees can work

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10 Mar 2020

The Pentagon’s AI Shop Takes A Venture Capital Approach to Funding Tech

The Pentagon is shifting its approach to funding and building tech for customers. The Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) will now use a serious A, B approach to building new devices for consumers. Mulchandani, versed in successful startups, has brought a new venture capital approach to JAIC. Now when consumers

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