10 Sep 2018

Pentagon, White House consider military strike options on Syria

Trump will have a range of strike options to choose from, as the Pentagon prepares potential kinetic responses to the Syrian government’s threatened use of chemical weapons in Idlib. The American position in the country vis-à-vis Russia and Iran has remained tense, and the use of chemical weapons, plus any

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30 Aug 2018

Washington Warns of Sanctioning India Over Russian Missile System

“The United States is refusing to rule out sanctions on India—a stated ally—if New Delhi goes through with a planned purchase of Russia’s new S-400 missile system this year, a top U.S. Defense Department official warned ahead of historic talks between the two countries next week. The S-400 ‘is a

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28 Aug 2018

New document lays out American military’s early cyber struggles

“Cyber leaders at the Department of Defense in 2014 were struggling with staff shortages, blurry lines of authority and a lack of resources, according to a Pentagon report obtained by Fifth Domain. The 54-page document, written by the Inspector General’s office in Dec. 2014, was obtained through a Freedom of

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21 Aug 2018

Someone Is Waging a Secret War to Undermine the Pentagon’s Huge Cloud Contract

“As some of the biggest U.S. technology companies have lined up to bid on the $10 billion contract to create a massive Pentagon cloud computing network, the behind-the-scenes war to win it has turned ugly. In the past several months, a private investigative firm has been shopping around to Washington reporters

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17 Aug 2018

Space-based laser weapons could ultimately take out missile threats in boost phase

The Pentagon is researching space-based laser weapons technology as a means to counter missile missiles as they take off, before they begin cruising. Such a system could support air-to-air missiles carried by F-15s or F35s on holding patters along the border of adversary countries. Debates around the feasibility of this

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17 Aug 2018

DOD: Chinese bombers likely training for strikes against US targets

The Pentagon has indicated that China may be training for strikes against U.S. targets as its bombers continue to increase their activity and range. The increase in this area is likely part of China’s efforts to communicate their improved capabilities and regional intentions. The DOD reported to Congress that the

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14 Aug 2018

Hackers Target Marines for Pentagon’s Latest Bug Bounty

A live hacking event in Las Vegas is targeting the Marine Corps in the Pentagon’s latest bug bounty program. Around 100 hackers were selected to identify vulnerabilities in the Corps’ primary communications network. Over the nine-hour event, hackers found 75 vulnerabilities and won $80,000 in bounties. “Working with the ethical

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08 Aug 2018

Pending Executive Order to Move Entire Background Investigation Bureau to Pentagon

“The government’s head of background investigations is fully in favor of moving his office, staff and workload under the Defense Department, a shift that is expected to become official under an impending presidential executive order. Congress passed legislation last year requiring the National Background Investigations Bureau—part of the Office of

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07 Aug 2018

Pentagon Prohibits Personnel From Using GPS Services in All ‘Operational Areas’

“The Defense Department on Monday issued an order barring all personnel from using geolocation services on their personal and government-issued devices in all ‘operational areas.’ The policy, which applies to smartphones, tablets, fitness trackers, smartwatches and all other applications with geolocation features, goes into effect immediately. ‘The rapidly evolving market of

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30 Jul 2018

Pentagon Creates ‘Do Not Buy’ List of Russian, Chinese Software

The Pentagon is distributing a “Do Not Buy” list of software that fails to meet national security standards. The list was started 6 months ago but while circulation among the military and its contractors started last week in response to “specific issues.” The defense undersecretary for acquisition and sustainment announced

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