18 Jan 2019

Pentagon Releases 2019 Missile Defense Review

“Military superiority is not a birthright granted to us,” the Pentagon’s freshly-released Missile Defense Review reads in the preface. “It is the product of diligence, creativity, and sustained investment.” Most recently, this creativity and sustained investment may mean installing space-based sensors to monitor and help destroy incoming missiles. The U.S.

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10 Jan 2019

Pentagon Owns Fewer Buildings Than It Previously Thought: Audit

One of the discoveries of the recent military audit is that the Pentagon has significantly fewer buildings than what is listed in its books. This finding may change ongoing requests for base closures and other measures. In the Navy, the audit revealed that 6.5% of building infrastructure had been demolished

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27 Dec 2018

How the new acting Pentagon chief views cybersecurity

“President Donald Trump announced in a Dec. 23 tweet that Patrick Shanahan will become acting secretary of defense Jan. 1, replacing outgoing Pentagon chief Jim Mattis two months early. While it is not clear how long Shanahan will remain in the job, he is on the short list of officials

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13 Dec 2018

Pentagon to Take Over All Security Clearances in Nine Months, Officials Say

“The Defense Department and Office of Personnel Management expect to have merged two offices and moved 2,000 federal employees and a 600,000-case backlog of security clearance investigations nine months from now. The new office will be established under the Defense Security Service by Oct. 1, Director for Defense Intelligence Garry

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10 Dec 2018

Trump reverses course, tells Pentagon to boost budget request to $750 billion

Reversing his pledge to cut defense funding by 5% to $700 billion for fiscal year 2020, Trump has requested a $750 billion budget proposal from SecDef Mattis. Military officials had been fighting vigorously against the cut as failing to meet their “strategy-driven” request of $733 billion. One source indicated that

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19 Nov 2018

Here’s what the Pentagon’s first-ever audit found

“The Pentagon’s first-ever audit discovered major flaws in how it handles IT processes and challenges with its internal tracking databases, but did not discover any major cases of fraud or abuse. The audit — long sought by Congress and good-government groups — was unveiled Thursday evening. The effort covered $2.7

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16 Nov 2018

Here’s what the Pentagon thinks the actual cost of a Space Force will be

“Since a U.S. Air Force estimate emerged in September, putting the cost of President Donald Trump’s desired Space Force at $13 billion, Pentagon officials have been pledging that the ‘official’ cost estimate from the department will be much smaller. Now we know by how much. Speaking to reporters Thursday, Deputy

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16 Nov 2018

The Pentagon failed its first official audit, but officials aren’t surprised

“The U.S. Department of Defense ‘failed’ its first-ever audit, expected to be released Thursday, according to its No. 2 official. But Deputy Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan isn’t surprised at the result, saying it was widely expected the audit would find issues. A 1990 law passed by Congress required audits

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15 Nov 2018

Pentagon Wants More Money for Lasers To Defend Against Missiles, Drone Swarms

“The U.S. military will request more money to develop lasers, microwave beams, and other directed-energy defenses to fight off missiles and drone swarms, the Pentagon’s top weapons engineer said Tuesday. ‘You’re going to see, in upcoming budgets for missile defense, a renewed emphasis on laser scaling [meaning scaling up the power of

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14 Nov 2018

Pentagon Researchers Test ‘Worst-Case Scenario’ Attack on U.S. Power Grid

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency 7-day exercise that took place earlier this month saw over 100 cyber specialists gathering on Plumb Island, a federal research facility off of New York’s Long Island, to respond to a fictional cyber attack against the power grid. DARPA researchers were able to segregate

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