28 Feb 2020

Pentagon Confirms Alka Patel to Lead the Implementation of Its New Ethical AI Principles

Yesterday, the Pentagon’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) confirmed that it has hired Alka Patel to take the reins on the implementation of the JAIC’s new ethical principles regarding AI in warfare. The JAIC’s director announced that the position was already filled during a previous press briefing, but the company

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03 Feb 2020

The Defense Department Wants to Use the Atmosphere as a Sensor

The Pentagon unveiled plans to explore projects that use the atmosphere as a sensor that detects potential disruptions to the planet. On Thursday, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s Defense Sciences Office will hold a small conference to initiate the program, named AtmoSense. A spokesperson stated that the project seeks

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24 Jan 2020

How the Pentagon’s JAIC Picks Its Artificial Intelligence-Driven Projects

The Pentagon’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center was founded in 2018 to unify and accelerate AI applications across the defense and military enterprise. In the past nine months, employees inside the center have spent about nine months executing this AI support, aiming to improve the efficiency and accuracy to improve overall

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21 Jan 2020

What Do You Think About Artificial Intelligence? The Pentagon’s AI Center Wants to Know.

Officials from the Pentagon’s nascent center devoted to artificial intelligence research stated that they will be funding a study on what people’s perceptions of developing technology is. The center stated that they’ll be particularly interested in the opinions of members of the software engineering, defense, and aerospace communities. A proposed

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02 Jan 2020

The Pentagon Wants AI-Driven Drone Swarms for Search and Rescue Ops

The Defense Department’s central artificial intelligence development effort is planning on building a swarm of AI-equipped drones that can independently track and identify targets. The drone force would primarily be used for search and rescue missions and potentially save lives. The Pentagon’s JAIC issued a request for information recently in

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29 Dec 2019

U.S. strikes in Iraq and Syria target Iranian-backed militia, Pentagon says

The US military announced that it has launched strikes on five facilities in Iraq and Syria allegedly under the control of a militia backed by Iran called Kitaeb Hezbollah. The Pentagon stated on Sunday that the strikes were a result of repeated assaults by the militia and the death of

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12 Feb 2019

Pentagon review calls for changes to how US investigates, reports civilian war casualties

Counting and estimating civilian casualties is an important process in U.S. military operations and in international relations, as these estimates form an important aspect of military planning and can be the basis of major international outrage. Estimates between the U.S., other governments, and various NGOs often differ widely, leading to

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11 Feb 2019

The military wants many information systems to share one language

The U.S. Army, Navy, and Air Force have signed a memorandum for the establishment of common standards across future weapon information systems. The purpose of such common standards is to improve battlefield coordination through streamlined information flow. “Victory in future conflict will in part be determined by our ability to

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04 Feb 2019

ISIS could reclaim territory in months without military pressure, warns Pentagon in draft report

In spite of regular statements from the Trump administration regarding “victory” over ISIS, a draft report from the Pentagon indicates that without continued efforts, the terrorist organization could begin to expand its territory within 6-12 months. Coalition forces have retaken nearly 100% of the land previously occupied by ISIS, with

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30 Jan 2019

How the Pentagon’s fear of risk is stifling innovation

A “go slow” approach and an emphasis on accountability in tech acquisitions and beyond is well-intentioned and important, but it has the unintended consequence, according to some leaders in the private sector, of stifling innovation. According to this thinking, the pentagon’s continued desire to remain with past winners results not

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