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Pentagon Seeks Software to Analyze Data from Twitter

The Defense Department is seeking open-source intelligence software that can draw on information from social media to create graphics and conduct analysis in real-time, according to a solicitation released by the agency. The agency states that the software would access at least 50 million websites and be able to disseminate data from various web-based sources, including social media. The Defense Department is preferably seeking a tool that can also create maps using open-source location data collected from apps and social media sites.

This endeavor relies heavily on open-source intelligence (OSINT) and is focused largely on Twitter. The solicitation was released on Thursday and names only one specific social media platform, Twitter. The solicitation requests that applicants fulfill five requirement program elements and 12 characteristics, be able to handle data in 150 languages, and provide the entire Twitter historical archive as well as be able to alert the government through its platform and access at least 50 million websites.

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