09 Oct 2018

Japan opposes withdrawal of U.S. troops from Korean Peninsula in potential denuclearization deal

If North Korea, South Korea, and the US were the only actors involved in the ongoing denuclearization negotiations on North Korea, the entire process would be significantly simpler. For better or for worse, however, Japan, China and many other countries are also involved and have their own national priorities and

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24 Sep 2018

North Korea successfully using cryptos to evade US sanctions

North Korea is likely making extensive use of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology to evade sanctions. Experts suggest that North Korea is probably trading in existing cryptocurrencies while also creating its own, allowing them to “exploit international financial institutions that have correspondent banking relations with the United States.” Mirroring traditional money-laundering

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19 Sep 2018

North Korea agrees to shut down missile test sites as leaders hail ‘leap forward’

“North Korea will shut down key missile test facilities in the presence of ‘international experts’ and is willing to close its only known nuclear complex if the United States makes reciprocal measures, South Korean president Moon Jae-in has announced in a joint press conference with Kim Jong-un. The two leaders

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18 Sep 2018

US agencies see alliance between North Korean, Chinese hackers

“At a time when Washington is cautiously hopeful of a breakthrough in its long-troubled relations with Pyongyang, senior US officials are making strong allegations about the regime’s cyber crimes.In early September, The US Justice Department published a criminal complaint against a North Korean citizen for conspiracy to ‘conduct multiple destructive

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11 Sep 2018

North Korean hackers’ evolution on display in US case

Details from the growing U.S. case against a North Korean hacker are helping to shed light on the evolving tactics, skills, and strategies of North Korean cyber operations. Marked by extensive preparation and background research to develop profiles and relationships with real people in key positions in target businesses or

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11 Sep 2018

North Korean leader sends Trump a letter suggesting another meeting

President Trump has received a letter from North Korean President Kim Jong Un inviting another meeting between the two leaders. Coming only a few days after a major military parade in North Korea was notably absent of ballistic missiles, the letter helps to provide light indicators of progress in ongoing

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07 Sep 2018

North Korea’s Kim sets denuclearization time line, prompting thanks from Trump

North Korea has announced a denuclearization time line for the first time, set for the end of President Donald Trump’s first term in 2020. Trump has lauded the announcement and declared that the U.S. and North Korea would “get it done together.” North and South Korean Presidents will meet in

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27 Aug 2018

North Korea’s state paper claims US is plotting to ‘unleash war’

“North Korean state media has accused the US of plotting to ‘unleash war’ on the country while continuing to negotiate ‘with a smile on its face.’ Sunday’s Rodong Sinmun newspaper, the official mouthpiece of the ruling Worker’s Party of Korea, called out ‘extremely provocative and dangerous’ US military movements in

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20 Aug 2018

Signs that North Korea is planning something big for September: Blocked visas, parade practice and haircuts

North Korea has regularly used anniversaries of leaders or events to build their own national narrative as well as send messages to other countries. On recent example is the use of an anniversary of the country’s founder to showcase a new intercontinental missile. Now, the country appears to be preparing

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07 Aug 2018

‘Strong possibility’ of second Trump-Kim summit before year’s end: report

“Momentum for a second summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has reportedly gained steam, with a source close to Pyongyang’s position telling CNN that there is a ‘strong possibility’ of another meeting before the year’s end.” Source: ‘Strong possibility’ of second Trump-Kim summit

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