10 Dec 2018

Trump Wants South Korea to Pay More for U.S. Troop Presence

President Trump has demanded increased South Korean contribution to the U.S. presence in the country, a demand that places additional strain on the ongoing negotiations on the peninsula. The requested increase is as much as double the current amount, about $1.6 billion annually. Some sources have indicated a lower figure

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27 Nov 2018

North Korean Hackers Hit Latin American Banks

“The North Korean hacking group know as Lazarus recently targeted financial institutions in Latin America, Trend Micro security researchers have discovered. The notorious threat actor, believed to be backed by the North Korean government, is known to have been involved in a series of high-profile attacks, including the devastating attack

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16 Nov 2018

North Korea says it has tested ‘ultramodern tactical weapon,’ media storm ensues

North Korean media has announced a successful test of a “newly developed ultramodern tactical weapon” that, while it is apparently not related to its nuclear program, could impact ongoing negotiations between the U.S., South Korea, North Korea, and other involved countries. North Korea has complained about continued South Korea-U.S. military

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31 Oct 2018

North Korea Is the Reason US Kept Cluster Bombs, Official Says

“The United States reversed its plan to ban cluster munitions last year and kept its dated stockpiles for one reason: North Korea, a top defense official said Friday. ‘That policy change was driven by the North Korean situation,’ Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan said. ‘When we were going through our

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30 Oct 2018

FBI to private industry: Attribution won’t deter North Korean hacking

Hackers for the North Korean government will not be stopped by achieving attribution of their cyberattacks, the FBI’s cyber devision declared in an industry advisory report. North Korean targeting of US companies “will continue unabated, regardless of the U.S. government public attribution,” simply because the regime does not appear to

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26 Oct 2018

North Korea is using the internet ‘like a criminal syndicate’

“North Korea has long been known as a hermit kingdom, but it is learning to embrace the internet. The Asian country has ‘dramatically’ changed its internet use patterns, according to a new report, which could make imposing sanctions and defending American networks more difficult. North Korea is using cyber operations

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23 Oct 2018

Koreas finish scrapping land mines from border village, now plan to pull out weapons, guard posts

“The two Koreas have completed removing land mines planted at their shared border village as part of efforts to disarm the area located inside the world’s most heavily fortified border, South Korean officials said Monday. The announcement came following a meeting among military officers from the Koreas and the U.S.-led

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22 Oct 2018

US cancels major military exercise with South Korea

“The US and South Korea decided Friday to suspend another major joint military exercise to give the diplomatic process with North Korea ‘every opportunity to continue.’ ‘Secretary of Defense James N. Mattis and Minister of National Defense Jeong Kyeong-doo decided to suspend Exercise Vigilant Ace to give the diplomatic process

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12 Oct 2018

In Pacific, US Army Shifts Training from Disaster Relief to War

“Not long ago, U.S. Army forces in the Pacific spent most of their training time preparing for humanitarian relief missions, evacuations from natural disasters, and efforts to build up allied security forces. Not anymore. Since President Donald Trump has come to office, the administration has issued a new National Security Strategy

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12 Oct 2018

North Korea intends to abolish all nuclear weapons, South says

“North Korean leader Kim Jong Un intends to abolish all nuclear weapons, materials and facilities to achieve ‘complete’ denuclearization, South Korean President Moon Jae-in, who held his third summit with Kim last month, said on Friday. Kim and U.S. President Donald Trump pledged to work towards denuclearization at their landmark

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