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North Korea Allegedly Targets Pfizer to Steal COVID19 Vaccine Data

According to South Korea’s National Intelligence Agency, North Korean state-sponsored hackers are attempting to steal Covid-19 vaccination data by hacking the US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer. It is unclear whether any data has been stolen at this time, however, Pfizer is a high-profile target in terms of Covid-19 vaccination data and intellectual property. The development and roll-out of vaccines have been extensively targeted by threat actors seeking to derail vaccination programs or steal valuable information from drug makers.

The most recent evidence of this occurred in November when Microsoft revealed that groups from Russia and North Korea had been extensively targeting seven companies working to develop Covid-19 vaccines and treatments. The European Medicines Agency also recently suffered from a cyberattack in which several documents pertaining to Covid-19 treatment were exposed online. The latest incident sees state-sponsored hacking groups seeking geopolitical gain via information theft. The latest incident also highlights the constant threats being faced across the vaccine supply chain.

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