02 Jul 2018

Bolton: US has a plan to dismantle North Korea’s nuclear program within a year

U.S. national security advisor John Bolton announced a U.S. plan for the full dismantling of North Korea’s nuclear missiles program within a year. Declining to comment on intelligence suggesting it to be “unlikely” that North Korea will denuclearize and that the country may be actively deceiving U.S. intelligence, Bolton indicated

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29 Jun 2018

Mattis: US to maintain troop levels in South Korea

Quieting speculation and fears that the U.S. would pull its forces out of the Korean peninsula, Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis affirmed that the U.S. will maintain its forces as it moves forwards with negotiations with North Korea. The U.S. maintains a force of 28,500 troops in South Korea and,

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19 Jun 2018

China’s Xi praises North Korea’s Kim for Trump summit, promises support

On his third trip to China this year, Kim met with Chinese President Xi Jinping where he received praise for the Trump summit and assurances of China’s continued friendship. “No matter the chances in the international and regional situation, China’s party and government’s resolute position on being dedicated to consolidating

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19 Jun 2018

South Korea, US cancel August’s military exercises

Following President Trump’s promise to North Korea following last week’s summit, South Korea and the US have canceled their major exercise planned for this August. The Pentagon Press Secretary announced that “there is no impact on Pacific exercises outside of the Korean Peninsula.” Source: South Korea, US cancel Ulchi Freedom

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14 Jun 2018

The video President Trump showed Kim on his iPad

In a 4-minute video presented as a movie trailer, President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un are portrayed as protagonists in a story of “two men, two leaders, one destiny,” where Kim is faced with a choice that will echo throughout history. The clip depicts two starkly different

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13 Jun 2018

Mike Pompeo to brief South Korea’s Moon Jae In on outcome of Trump-Kim summit

With some portions of the agreement coming as a surprise to US lawmakers and the State Department, Mike Pompeo will meet with South Korea’s Moon Jae In as a part of efforts to brief countries on the actual outcomes and agreements coming out of Tuesday’s summit between President Trump and

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12 Jun 2018

Trump-Kim summit: full text of the statement

Trump commits to “provide security guarantees to the DPRK” in exchange for Kim’s “firm and unwavering commitment to complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.” Source: Trump-Kim summit: full text of the statement

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09 Jun 2018

The Singaporean NGO that shapes North Korean entrepreneurs

Singapore has become the location for the US-North Korea summit for a number of reasons, including the level of confidence and experience that North Korea has in and with Singapore. North Korea has had an embassy there since 1975 and boasts comparatively strong ties with the country, at least compared

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05 Jun 2018

Japan and South Korea at odds over tactics for North Korea denuclearization

Japan and South Korea have taken different tones and policy stances ahead of the upcoming summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un. Japan has stressed a more hardline response that stresses complete denuclearization and disarmament without rewarding North Korea simply for coming to the negotiating table. South Korea, on the

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04 Jun 2018

Pompeo and North Korean Spy Master: US and North Korean Negotiators Meet ahead of summit

Marking the highest-level official visit of a North Korean representative to the US in 18 years, General Kim Yong Chol met with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to salvage nuclear talks and build a connection. Kim is one of the most powerful figures in North Korea, has served 3

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