11 Jun 2019

North Korean leader’s slain half-brother was a CIA informant: Wall Street Journal

A new Wall Street Journal report claims that the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jung-un who was killed in Malaysia in 2017, was a CIA informant. However, the WSJ mentions that “several former US officials said the half brother, who had lived outside of North Korea for many years

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06 Jun 2019

Trump says he’s still optimistic about a deal, North Korea warns its losing patience

North Korea on Wednesday warned the United States government that it “would be well-advised” to change its approach toward Pyongyang “before it is too late,” because there is “a limit to our patience.” The regime also said that the US “has missed a lifetime opportunity” by insisting that North Korea dismantle

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04 Jun 2019

North Korea: Fake news on both sides is the norm

A recent South Korean newspaper article claiming that the North Korean nuclear envoy to the US was executed by the North Korean regime after the February US-North Korea nuclear summit failed, exposes the highly speculative nature of mainstream media reporting on the most isolated county on the planet. The story

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03 Jun 2019

UN bid to curb North Korean missile tests, revive air traffic, delayed amid US concerns – sources

The US is delaying a planned aviation safety audit in North Korea by the UN International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) because it believes the effort might violate UN sanctions on the country. Right now, airlines avoid flying over or near North Korea in order to avoid the threat of unannounced

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31 May 2019

North Korea executes envoy in a purge after failed U.S. summit: media

The North Korean nuclear envoy to the US was executed by the North Korean regime after the February US-North Korea nuclear summit failed, a South Korean newspaper reported on Friday. The official, named Kim Hyok Chol, was allegedly executed in March, together with four top officials of the country’s foreign ministry.

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30 May 2019

How WannaCry is still launching 3,500 successful attacks per hour

More than two years after the WannaCry ransomware worm encrypted files on hundreds of thousands of computers across the globe, the malware developed by the North Korean state-backed Lazarus Group still resides on around 145,000 devices, a new report by Armis shows. Over the past 6 months, the malware has

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27 May 2019

North Korea slams ‘warmonger’ Bolton over missile tests comment

North Korea on Monday slammed US national security adviser John Bolton for claiming that recent North Korean missile tests “no doubt” violated United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolutions and reiterating that the US government should not lift sanctions on Pyongyang. In a statement quoted on state media, North Korea’s foreign

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22 May 2019

North Korea at UN warns of consequences over ship seizure

North Korea on Tuesday said it was watching “every move” by the US government since the latter seized a North Korean ship two weeks ago. North Korea’s ambassador to the United Nations warned that “the United States should deliberate and think over the consequences its outrageous acts might have on the

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09 May 2019

US seizes North Korean coal ship for violating sanctions

In the latest sign of mounting tensions between the US and North Korea, the US government has, for the first time in history, seized a North Korean ship because it violates international sanctions on the country. While the announcement comes at a time of renewed North Korean missile activity, the

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09 May 2019

North Korea launches ‘unidentified’ projectile

Less than a week after North Korean leader Kim Jung-un oversaw a “strike drill” in which various tactical guided weapons were shot into the East Sea, the country carried out another launch, this time of an unidentified projectile, South Korea warned on Thursday. Experts worry that the increasing missile activity

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