15 Jan 2021

North Korea unveils new submarine-launched missile

A new type of submarine-launched ballistic missile has been revealed in North Korea. The missile has been described as the “world’s most powerful weapon” by state media. The missiles could be seen at a parade overseen by Kim Jong-un. At a rare political meeting before the parade Mr. Kim stated

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14 Jan 2021

North Korea stages military parade after rare party congress – Yonhap

On Thursday, international observers were able to closely watch a military parade staged in North Korea. The parade was staged after a ruling party congress and gave international watchers an opportunity to see signs of new military developments. The parade began between 6 and 7pm and continued past 8pm. The

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08 Dec 2020

Covert Chinese Trade With North Korea Moves Into the Open

According to US officials, China is skirting around sanctions placed on North Korea and is no longer trying to hide smuggling activity. The Trump administration believes the move is representative of China trying to help Pyongyang endure the US’s pressure campaign. According to US officials, North Korean vessels have delivered

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16 Nov 2020

Russian, North Korean Hackers Target Vaccine Work

On Friday, tech giant Microsoft claimed in a blog post that it had observed several attempts by state-backed Russian and North Korean hackers aiming to steal sensitive and valuable data from pharmaceutical companies and organizations conducting vaccine research. Although Microsoft claims the attacks were unsuccessful over the recent months, the

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06 Nov 2020

This hacking group is using previously unknown tools to target defence contractors

McAfee security researchers first released detailed information on Operation North Star earlier this year, highlighting the campaigns conducted by Lazarus Group (Hidden Cobra) targeting defense and aerospace companies in a social engineering and phishing campaign. McAfee’s coverage showed that the campaign was larger than previously thought. In the McAfee report,

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03 Nov 2020

North Korean Group Kimsuky Targets Government Agencies With New Malware

According to cybersecurity researchers, a North Korean threat actor group called Kimsuky has been utilizing a never before seen malware in attacks on government agencies and human rights activists. Kimsuky is also referred to as Black Banshee, Thallium, and Velvet Chollima. The group has been active since 2012 and primarily

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28 Oct 2020

North Korea-Backed Spy Group Poses as Reporters in Spearphishing Attacks, Feds Warn

The North Korean APT group known as Kimsuky or Hidden Cobra has allegedly been actively attacking businesses posing as reporters located in South Korea. The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) posted advisory warning businesses of the new ploy to gain access to US information. The group has been

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08 Oct 2020

North Korean diplomat who went missing in Italy two years ago has defected to South Korea

According to new reports, high ranking North Korean diplomat Jo Song Gil, who went missing in Italy in November of 2018, has defected to South Korea with his wife. Jo left the North Korean embassy in Rome, where he was employed as acting ambassador, and defected to South Korea where

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25 Sep 2020

Kim Jong-un apologizes for killing of South Korean official

Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s authoritarian leader, extended a rare personal apology after North Korean law enforcement killed a South Korean official allegedly attempting to defect. The man was found by troops floating on a raft in North Korean waters, rescued, and then questioned. At some point during or after the

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24 Sep 2020

South Korea official shot dead by North Korean troops after crossing border

On Thursday, Seoul disclosed that a South Korean government worker was shot and killed by North Korean forces after crossing a maritime border into the region. According to Lt. Gen. Ahn Young-ho, a top official in South Korea, the man went missing in waters roughly 1.9 kilometers south of the

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