24 Sep 2021

North Korea open to talks with South, but under conditions

The sister of Kim Jong Un has stated that North Korea is willing to resume talks with South Korea under certain conditions. She mentioned that the South should drop it’s hostile stance- indicating that North Korea wants the United States to relax its economic sanctions against North Korea that are

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15 Sep 2021

Both North and South Korea fire ballistic missiles as tensions rise on peninsula

On Wednesday, both North and South Korea tested ballistic missiles as tensions rise between the neighboring countries. Pyongyang fired the first missiles, sending two into waters off the east coast of the Korean Peninsula. The missiles were fired just minutes apart around 12:30 p.m. local time. Seoul followed the launch

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02 Sep 2021

North Korea Rejects Covid-19 Vaccine Doses

North Korea has decided not to accept roughly three million doses of Covid-19 vaccines developed by Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac Biotech Ltd. The country stated that the doses should be sent to countries that have been hit harder by the pandemic. The shots were offered over the past few weeks

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10 Aug 2021

Kim Jong Un’s Sister Threatens to Bolster Military After Being Ignored by U.S.

Kim Yo Jong, Kim Jong Un’s sister, vowed on Thursday that North Korea would increase its national defense and military power after plans to conduct joint US-South Korea military exercises. Ms. Kim also demanded that the exercises be canceled. They are set to begin next week, however, preliminary training has

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08 Jul 2021

Russia offers North Korea Covid vaccines again as crisis worsens

Russia has offered North Korea Covid-19 vaccines another time as reports indicate that harsh lockdown measures are leading to extreme hunger. Pyongyang has refused vaccines and covid-relief aid from many countries. North Korea has sealed borders to keep the virus out but has affected trade with China. Beijing provides North

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30 Jun 2021

Kim Jong Un Warns of Grave Covid-19 Situation in North Korea

North Korea’s Covid-19 situation has become grave, according to Kim Jong Un, who spoke at a Politburo meeting. Although the leader did not specify what exactly has gone wrong, it is clear that the country is struggling to keep outbreaks at bay. North Korea has reported zero Covid-19 cases and

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18 Jun 2021

Kim Jong-un prepares for ‘dialogue and confrontation’ with the US

Kim Jong-un has said North Korea needs to prepare for “dialogue and confrontation” with the US at a meeting of senior leaders in the capital of North Korea, Pyongyang. North Korea has previously ignored efforts by the new US government to establish communication as the US has continued to call

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16 Jun 2021

Kim Jong Un Says North Korea Faces Food Crisis Due to Flooding

Kim Jong Un confirmed that North Korea is currently facing a food shortage that is becoming increasingly tense, acknowledging the continuing challenges inside North Korea following a disastrous year that consisted of pandemic shutdowns, flood damage, and ongoing sanctions. Mr. Kim urged the country’s leaders to resolve food shortages resulting

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09 Apr 2021

Kim Jong-un warns of North Korea crisis similar to deadly 90s famine

Kim Jong-un gave a speech to the public at a party conference earlier this week, during which he told North Koreans to prepare for hard times ahead. He likened the current situation to the devastating 1990s famine, which is estimated to have killed hundreds of thousands of North Koreans. North

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02 Apr 2021

North Korean hackers are targeting researchers through fake offensive security firm

A North Korean hacking group has created a fake offensive security firm. For strategic context on the meaning of this activity and what business leaders should do about it see: C-Suite Considerations Regarding Current Geopolitical Tensions The actors are believed to be state sponsored by North Korea’s ruling party and

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