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Alleged North Korean Operative Makes First U.S. Court Appearance

On Monday, alleged North Korean intelligence operative Mun Chol Myong appeared in federal court in Washington. Myong faces charges of laundering funds for North Korea to evade US and UN sanctions. Myong’s trial marks the first prosecution of its kind as relations between the Biden administration and North Korea struggle. Myong was extradited from Malaysia after preventing his transportation through a two-year legal battle.

Myong is the first North Korean national to be brought to the US to face criminal charges, according to US authorities. Pyongyang has since cut off ties with Kuala Lumpur. Myong allegedly worked for a Singapore-based company but was affiliated with the North Korean intelligence agency the Reconnaissance General Burea. Myong conspired with others to process roughly $1.5 million in transactions that violated sanctions. Myong’s other endeavors included procuring sensitive technology, luxury goods, agriculture commodities, liquor, and tobacco, for North Korean customers.

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