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U.S. Charges 3 North Korean Hackers Over $1.3 Billion Cryptocurrency Heist

On Wednesday, the US Department of Justice indicted three North Korean hackers for their role in conspiring to steal and extort cryptocurrencies. The men, Jon Chang Hyok, Kim Il, and Park Jin Hyok, were allegedly planning to steal $1.3 billion in cash from different financial institutions and businesses. The DoJ believes that the individuals are members of the Reconnaissance General Bureau, a military intelligence division of North Korea. This group is often referred to as Hidden Cobra, Lazarus group, or APT38.

Hyok, Hyok, and Il are accused of creating and deploying various malicious cryptocurrency theft applications. The individuals are also believed to have fraudulently marketed a blockchain platform, seeking to steal cryptocurrency from unsuspecting users. The recent indictment expands on 2018 charges brought against Park Jin Hyok, who was found to have participated in or planned the 2014 cyberattack on Sony Pictures Entertainment.

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