20 Dec 2019

Frankfurt shuts down IT network following Emotet infection

One of the largest financial hubs in the world has shut down its networks earlier this week as a result of a malware attack involving the infamous financial malware Emotet. Frankfurt has become the fourth Germany entity to shut down its IT network due to an attack in the past

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18 Dec 2019

Industrial Cyber-Espionage Campaign Targets Hundreds of Companies

An advanced threat actor, nicknamed Gangnam Industrial Style, targeted hundreds of industrial companies across the globe, using a new version of an old info-stealer to extract sensitive data. The spear-phishing campaign comprises of malicious attachments disguised as PDF files, which drop Separ malware when clicked. Separe malware steals login data

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17 Dec 2019

Ransomware ‘Crisis’ in US Schools: More Than 1,000 Hit So Far in 2019

Ransomware attacks have been targeting US school systems with 226 schools hit since October, compromising 11 different school districts in major cities such as New Orleans and Pensacola hit earlier this month. Data published by security firm Armor shows that a total of 72 US school districts have suffered from

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16 Dec 2019

Jordan authorities reveal they foiled ISIS terrorist plot

The Saudi Press agency reported on Sunday evening that Jordanian authorities uncovered a terrorist attack plot created by a cell of four ISIS members and effectively prevented it. The group was planning to perform terrorist attacks across Jordan, including one at the General Intelligence building in the Ma’an governorate in

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06 Dec 2019

Fears rise as at least 13 stabbed in Baghdad square

At least 13 people were stabbed in Tahrir Square in Baghdad on Thursday amid protests in Iraq over the political state of the government. The Iraqi Parliament was scheduled to meet on Thursday to discuss laws governing compensation to include victims of security operations and vote on changes to the

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05 Dec 2019

The Great Cannon DDoS Tool Used Against Hong Kong Protestors’ Forum

The Great Cannon Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS0 tool was deployed against the LIHKG platform used by Hong Kong protesters to coordinate. The Great Cannon is a tool that hijacks traffic between IP addressed, resulting in the ability to replace unencrypted content using man-in-the-middle techniques. The Great Cannon is currently

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03 Dec 2019

How the gunfights in north Mexico that left 22 dead unfolded

Residents of Villa Union were recovering from Thanksgiving festivities, many of whom had American relatives visiting for the holiday when dozens of pickup trucks crowded with armed men drove into the town. Hours-long gunbattles ensued in a military-style invasion conducted by the suspected cartel members. The aftermath included 22 dead,

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