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AMD Downplays CPU Threat Opening Chips to Data Leak Attacks

AMD has disclosed side-channel attacks in CPUs, and stated that they are not new. The company has been significantly downplaying the side-channel attacks that are capable of leaking potentially sensitive data from its processors released between 2011 and 2019. Researchers stated that these side-channel attacks extract sensitive information through signals created by electronic activity within computing devices.

This sort of attack is called a “Take A Way” attack, and it leverages the way AMD stores memory within CPUs. Although AMD stated that it does not believe that these attacks are new or recent and did not offer any medications, researchers stated that the threat stemming from the side-channel attacks could be more serious than AMD is leading on. Through this exploit, a malicious actor could manipulate a feature related to the system’s cache that could potentially transmit user data in an unauthorized way.

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