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Israel says it struck Islamic Jihad sites in Gaza and Syria

The Israeli military stated that it has strick Islamic Jihad targets in Gaza and Syria on Sunday in retaliation to rocket fire earlier that morning. Israel claims to have hit targets in southern Damascus, targeting an area in which Israel believes is a hub for Islamic Jihad activity. Syria has stated that its air defenses shot down most of the Israeli missiles, preventing significant damage to the area. However, four people were wounded in Gaza but there have been no reports of fatalities from the strikes.

Israel reported that they were attacked by at least 20 rockets fired from the Gaza Strip earlier on Sunday, resulting in the country’s retaliation attack against Gaza. Israel did not report any casualties from the Sunday morning attack. The hostilities began when Israel claimed to have killed an Islamic Jihad member along its border with the Gaza Strip, stating that he was attempting to plant an explosive device.

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