13 Oct 2021

Ethiopia Launches Offensive Against Tigray Forces

Ethiopian government forces have launched an assault against the northern region of Tigray, seeking to recapture the rebellious area. The offensive raises concerns about a more devastating humanitarian crisis within the region. According to the United Nations, the Tigray region is already in the grip of famine due to the

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08 Oct 2021

Afghanistan blast kills worshippers in Kunduz mosque

In northern Afghanistan, an explosion occurred in a mosque during Friday prayers today, October 8. The cause and number of casualties are not immediately clear at the mosque in Kunduz province, but AP reports a Taliban police official estimated at least 100 people were killed or wounded. Hospital sources told

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30 Sep 2021

Rohingya Civil-Rights Leader Mohib Ullah Killed in Bangladesh

Mohib Ullah, a leader of the Rohingya Muslim community, has been shot and killed by unidentified gunmen in a refugee camp in Bangladesh. His murder has prompted calls from rights advocates for an investigation into the attack. Ullah was 48 years old and among the most high-profile advocates for the

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01 Sep 2021

Houthi strikes on Yemen base kill at least 30, spokesman says

At least 30 soldiers were killed and an additional 60 wounded on Sunday due to a Houthi strike on a Yemeni military base belonging to a Saudi-led coalition. The base is located in the southwestern region of the country, according to a spokesman for southern forces Mohamed al-Naqeeb. The Houthis

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30 Aug 2021

Afghan Militants Fire Rockets at Kabul Airport as U.S. Nears Withdrawal

Afghan militants allegedly fired rockets at Kabul’s airport, which is still under US control, as US forces rushed to complete evacuation missions in Afghanistan ahead of the Tuesday deadline to exit the country. The US deployed counter-rocket defenses to intercept the weapons. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack,

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27 Aug 2021

Kabul airport attack: What do we know?

The first explosion happened at approximately 18:00 local time near the Baron Hotel, outside the airport’s perimeter. Gunfire followed the first blast, and a second explosion occurred near the Abbey Gate, an entrance into the airport. The first blast is suspected to be a smaller device, while the second is

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26 Aug 2021

Gunmen kill 36 villagers in Nigeria’s divided Plateau state

In Nigeria, attackers shot dead at least 36 people and destroyed buildings during an overnight raid on a village near the central city of Jos. The area has been repeatedly hit by ethnic clashes. The gunmen reportedly went house to house, murdering residents in Yelwa Zangam late on Tuesday. A

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19 Aug 2021

US Census Bureau Slammed for 2020 Breach

The US Census Bureau has been heavily criticized by a government inspector for a 2020 breach in which the entity failed to implement a patch for a critical vulnerability. The attacker was not able to access the servers used for the 2020 census, however, they were able to modify user

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06 Aug 2021

Powerful blast rocks Kabul after Afghan army urges civilians to leave Taliban-controlled areas of major city

On Tuesday evening, a car bomb exploded near the home of Afghanistan’s acting defense minister in Kabul, Minister Bismillah Mohammadi. This incident was previously reported on, but there have been some significant updates to the case. Mohammadi was not home at the time of the attack and four assailants were

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04 Aug 2021

Gunmen attack home of Afghan defence minister in Kabul

An attack on the home of the Afghan defense minister has left eight dead. The incident marks the first major bombing by militants in Kabul for almost a year. The defense minister, Bismillah Khan Mohammadi, was not home at the time of the attack. Militants detonated a car bomb and

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