05 Jan 2023

Taliban says eight ISIL fighters killed in raids in Afghanistan

The Afghan Taliban has killed eight ISIL fighters and arrested several others in raids. The series of raids targeted key figures in attacks in Kabul. The raids occurred in the capital city and western Nimroz province. The targeted ISIL members organized the recent attacks on the Longan Hotel in Kabul,

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27 Oct 2022

15 killed, 40 injured in terrorist attack claimed by ISIS in Iran

A terrorist attack at the Shahcheragh Shrine in the city of Shiraz in southern Iran has killed at least 15 people and injured 40 others on Wednesday. Two of the suspected attackers have been arrested by Iranian security forces, and a third suspect is at large. ISIS has claimed responsibility

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05 Sep 2022

Terror groups may turn to NFTs to raise funds and spread messages: WSJ

The first known case of a nonfungible token (NFT) created and shared by a “terrorist sympathizer” has come to light, raising concerns that the immutable nature of blockchain tech could help the spread of terrorist messages and propaganda. In a Sunday article in The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), intelligence experts said

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01 Apr 2022

Hostage survivor testifies in trial of ISIS member accused in deaths of several Americans

A hostage taken by an ISIS terror cell testified Thursday in a trial against El Shafee Elsheikh. Elsheikh is accused of assisting in kidnapping, torturing and killing several Americans, Europeans and other foreign nationals between 2012 and 2015.  The Italian aid worker, Federico Motka, told the jury he was captured

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27 Oct 2021

Terror Groups in Afghanistan Could Be Ready to Attack West in 6 Months, U.S. Says

According to a top Pentagon Official named Colin Kahl, the Islamic State in Afghanistan could be ready to launch attacks on the West and its allies as soon as within six months. Al-Qaeda could have the capability to do so in two years, according to Kahl. Kahl serves as the

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20 Oct 2021

Bomb attack on Syrian military bus in Damascus kills 14

in Damascus, at least 14 people have been killed and three others injured due to a bomb attack on a Syrian military bus. The state news agency SANA reported on the incident, stating that the bus was targeted with two explosive devices in the capital city. The bomb incident occurred

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20 Jul 2021

ISIS claims responsibility for Iraq blast that left dozens dead

On Monday, a blast ripped through a busy market in the capital of Iraq, killing 27 and wounding 32. ISIS has since claimed responsibility for the explosion, however, Afghan forces are still investigating the situation to determine the source of the blast. According to local health and security officials, children

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10 Jun 2021

ISIS claims responsibility for attack on mine-clearing workers in Afghanistan

ISIS has claimed responsibility for a deadly attack that occurred on Tuesday at a Halo Trust facility that left 10 people dead and 16 others wounded. The terrorist group’s affiliate, known as IS-K, has owned up to the brutal killings against the international demining charity. Afghani officials initially blamed the

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18 Mar 2021

ISIS behind brutal attack in Salah al-Din province, Iraq military says

In north Baghdad on Thursday, eight people died in three separate attacks. The victims included six family members, according to an Iraqi military statement released Friday. According to Iraqi intelligence, ISIS militants were behind the brutal attacks, which took place in a predominantly Sunni village in the Salah al-Din province,

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16 Mar 2021

U.S. Sanctions Islamic State’s Central African Franchise for First Time

On Wednesday, the US imposed sanctions on two of the Islamic State’s associates, both located in Central Africa. The move marks the first time the US has imposed sanctions on the terrorist organization’s Central African affiliates, highlighting the rising threat posed by the jihadist group outside of the Middle East.

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