30 Aug 2018

Washington Warns of Sanctioning India Over Russian Missile System

“The United States is refusing to rule out sanctions on India—a stated ally—if New Delhi goes through with a planned purchase of Russia’s new S-400 missile system this year, a top U.S. Defense Department official warned ahead of historic talks between the two countries next week. The S-400 ‘is a

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16 Aug 2018

India’s Cosmos Bank loses $13.5 mln in cyber attack

Cyber thieves stole $13.5 million by using malware to withdraw cash in 14,849 transactions in 28 countries, all within 2 hours. The malware attack redirected payments to a proxy switching system responsible for processing payment requests. This proxy approved the fraudulent requests. Police are pursuing the matter, but with little

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01 Aug 2018

India to spend $1 billion on advanced air defense system from US

India has approved a $1 billion dollar deal to replace India’s aging Russian air defense systems ahead of a September summit between the defense and foreign ministers of the US and India as part of efforts to strengthen defense ties.  Source: India to spend $1 billion on advanced air defense

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24 Jul 2018

Trade war highlights importance of BRICS

BRICS countries are meeting for a high level summit this week in South Africa to discuss trade, among other things. And, as China squares off against the U.S., it has simultaneously been working to improve trade ties with other BRICS countries in an effort to reduce its dependency on trade

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06 Jul 2018

As mob lynchings fueled by WhatsApp messages sweep India, authorities struggle to combat fake news

Rumors spreading across Indian villages via WhatsApp have fueled more than 12 mob lynchings in recent months. Most recently, a mob killed 5 beggars after a rumor suggested they were trafficking children. National authorities are still struggling to combat this trend and local authorities are attempting a number of human-based

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31 May 2018

India: BJP loses key byelections, “Modi Wave” may be in decline

“The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party has taken a hit in by-elections for the Lower House of India’s Parliament. A win in Kairana in Uttar Pradesh, the country’s largest state, was crucial for the BJP, which holds power both in the state and the national administration. Prime Minister Narendra Modi even inaugurated

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30 May 2018

India, Russia team up to overcome US sanctions on defense deals

“India and Russia have pledged to jointly create a plan to resolve U.S. sanctions on Russia that is hampering defense deals between New Delhi and Moscow. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to formulate the plan during a May 21 informal summit in the Russian

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12 Jul 2012

Weaponizing Markets: India’s Naxalite Insurgency

“I have said in the past that left-wing extremism is the single biggest security challenge to the Indian state. It continues to be so.” – Prime Minister Manmohan Singh There is a threat to India’s existence. It has little to do with radical Islam or potential conflict with Pakistan.The once-suppressed Naxalite insurgency is

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28 May 2010

At least 56 killed in India train crash

“At least 56 bodies have been pulled out of the mangled wreckage where two trains crashed in eastern India early Friday in an incident linked to Maoist rebels. About 115 people were injured when 13 cars of the Lokmanya Tilak Gyaneshwari Express derailed, capsized on a paralell track and were

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21 Apr 2010

India Terrorism Alert Updated

“The Department of State alerts U.S. citizens to ongoing security concerns in India. The U.S. government continues to receive information that terrorist groups may be planning attacks in India. The February 2010 bombing in Pune and the November 2008 attacks in Mumbai provide a vivid reminder that hotels, markets, trains

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