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Amphan: India and Bangladesh evacuate millions ahead of super cyclone

Millions are currently being evacuated from India and Bangladesh as a super cyclone approaches the land from the Bay of Bengal. The storm, named Cyclone Amphan, is expected to hit the land near the two countries’ border on Wednesday. According to officials, more than 20 relief teams have been deployed within the area while several more remain on standby. However, Indian officials stated that the COVID-19 outbreak is making it difficult to evacuate people in these regions.

The storm may be the most powerful since Cyclone Sidr in 2007, which resulted in the death of roughly 3,500 people. India’s weather department is predicting a surge of water as high as 10-16 feet due to the cyclone, which has caused millions to flee their villages during the height of India’s COVID-19 lockdowns. The evacuations are expected to continue into Wednesday morning as Bangladesh stated it plans to evacuate roughly 2 million people to extra shelters that allow for social distancing.

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