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‘Ticking time bomb:’ Lack of beds slows Delhi’s virus fight

In New Delhi, India, a pregnant woman died while searching for an open sickbed after being diagnosed with COVID-19, sparking concern over the country’s ability to cope with the second wave of cases. The pregnant woman and family members reportedly drove for hours and were turned away by eight public and private hospitals. The two and a half month lockdown in India kept numbers at bay, but as restrictions eased, cases shot up on Thursday to a record of 10,000 cases.

This has caused citizens to consider whether the government has done enough to prevent the catastrophe. Half of New Dehli’s 8,200 hospital beads dedicated to COVID=19 patients are already full despite official’s concern that there will be at least 500,000 cases by the end of July. India has suffered from almost 290,000 diagnosed cases as well as 8,00 deaths. In Dehli, the rate of infection is significantly higher than India’s average, doubling every 12 days.

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