30 Aug 2019

Prime minister says Pakistan will respond if India attacks

Pakistan and India once again seem to be edging closer to war over Kashmir, a region divided between the two countries but fully claimed by both. On Friday, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan warned that his country will give a “befitting response” in case of an Indian attack on Pakistani-controlled

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21 Aug 2019

Fresh Kashmir border clashes leave several dead

More than two weeks after the Indian government stripped Kashmir of its autonomous status and revoked a ban on property purchases by non-residents, tensions in the disputed region continue to escalate. On Tuesday, several people were killed in clashes between Indian and Pakistani border forces, although both countries provided conflicting

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05 Aug 2019

India scraps special status for Kashmir in step Pakistan calls illegal

As part of its effort to integrate the predominantly Muslim region of Kashmir with the rest of India, the Indian government on Monday stripped the region of its autonomous status and revoked a ban on property purchases by non-residents. The decision is bound to escalate tensions with neighboring Pakistan over

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31 Jul 2019

Why nation-state hacking groups are increasingly turning to mobile malware

A new Crowdstrike report sounds the alarm on the rise of nation-state cyber campaigns targeting mobile devices. State-backed hacking groups in countries like China, North Korea, Russia, India and Pakistan increasingly use mobile malware to gather information on dissidents, journalists and for other malicious purposes. These campaigns are on the

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09 May 2019

Over 275 Million Records Exposed by Unsecured MongoDB Database

Once again, a security researcher has found an unprotected database exposing the personal data of hundreds of millions of people. The leaky database, which had been online since at least April 23, contained 275,265,298 records of Indian citizens, including their name, gender, date of birth, email, mobile phone number and

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19 Apr 2019

India expected to surpass the UK for second place in payment card fraud

India is an increasingly popular target for cybercriminals, a new report by Gemini Advisory shows. In fact, India is projected to overtake the UK on the payment card fraud list this year, meaning that it will become the most targeted country after the US. In 2018, threat actors put 3.2

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08 Apr 2019

Pakistan says it has intelligence of new Indian attack this month

Tensions between India and Pakistan have flared up again, with Pakistan claiming to have “reliable intelligence” indicating that India plans to attack the country between April 16 and 20. Pakistan says it has informed the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), namely the US, Russia, China,

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02 Apr 2019

Nasa: India’s satellite destruction could endanger ISS

India’s recent downing of one of its own satellites as part of a test of its anti-satellite weapons systems has been labeled a “terrible thing” by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). According to the US space agency’s administrator Jim Bridenstine, the test has made it 44% more likely

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02 Apr 2019

Pakistan, India trade fire in disputed Kashmir: 7 people die

After a month of relative calm, tensions between India and Pakistan escalated again this week, with both countries exchanging fire in Kashmir, a region divided between the countries, but fully claimed by both. The two countries blamed each other for once again breaking the fragile ceasefire, as a result of

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28 Mar 2019

India Joins Space ‘Super League’ As It Shoots Down a Satellite for the First Time

Less than a month before the Indian general elections, the country has shot down one of its own satellites as part of a test of its anti-satellite weapons systems. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who aims to be reelected, said that the successful test “made India a much stronger nation.”

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