22 Feb 2019

India again threatens to restrict flow of river water to Pakistan as tension builds

The Indian government “has decided to stop our share of water which used to flow to Pakistan.” The announcement, made by India’s minister of transport and water resources, comes in the midst of increasing tensions between India and Pakistan over a recent suicide attack in Kashmir that killed over 40 members

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20 Feb 2019

Pulwama attack: UN chief urges India, Pakistan to defuse tensions

The United Nations Secretary-General is calling on India and Pakistan to “exercise maximum restraint and take immediate steps” to de-escalate tensions between the two countries that have risen in the wake of a recent suicide attack in Kashmir, in which 42 members of India’s Central Reserve Police Force were killed. The attack was claimed by Pakistan-based terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammed

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15 Feb 2019

India Proposes Chinese-Style Internet Censorship

India’s government has proposed new, sweeping rules that would enable strict government censorship of content. The public comment period on the rules has ended and the government could enact them at any time, worrying opposition candidates and free speech activists ahead of national elections scheduled for the spring. The rules

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12 Feb 2019

Venezuela hopes to create non-dollar trading bloc

Venezuela is seeking to build a trade bloc that conducts transactions outside the U.S. dollar, allowing it to finalize oil sales beyond the reach of U.S. sanctions. China, Russia, and India are Venezuela’s prospects for the bloc. “We can all build one economy and that economy does not necessarily have

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27 Dec 2018

India: 10 alleged IS-inspired militants arrested for suicide attack plot

Indian law enforcement have recovered around 25 kilograms of explosive material, 12 pistols, a home-made rocket launcher and Islamic State-related literature during arrests of a 10-person terrorist cell. The group was allegedly planning to carry out attacks “very soon” in crowded places in and near Delhi, the country’s National Investigation

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19 Sep 2018

Indian government websites ‘hacked’ to mine crypto currencies

India is awaiting a Supreme Court case to decide the legal fate of cryptocurrencies in the country but, in the meantime, hackers have injected cryptojacking malware into government websites that are often designed on a budget with poor security practices and  infrequent updates. Rather than defacing a website or using

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30 Aug 2018

Washington Warns of Sanctioning India Over Russian Missile System

“The United States is refusing to rule out sanctions on India—a stated ally—if New Delhi goes through with a planned purchase of Russia’s new S-400 missile system this year, a top U.S. Defense Department official warned ahead of historic talks between the two countries next week. The S-400 ‘is a

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16 Aug 2018

India’s Cosmos Bank loses $13.5 mln in cyber attack

Cyber thieves stole $13.5 million by using malware to withdraw cash in 14,849 transactions in 28 countries, all within 2 hours. The malware attack redirected payments to a proxy switching system responsible for processing payment requests. This proxy approved the fraudulent requests. Police are pursuing the matter, but with little

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01 Aug 2018

India to spend $1 billion on advanced air defense system from US

India has approved a $1 billion dollar deal to replace India’s aging Russian air defense systems ahead of a September summit between the defense and foreign ministers of the US and India as part of efforts to strengthen defense ties.  Source: India to spend $1 billion on advanced air defense

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24 Jul 2018

Trade war highlights importance of BRICS

BRICS countries are meeting for a high level summit this week in South Africa to discuss trade, among other things. And, as China squares off against the U.S., it has simultaneously been working to improve trade ties with other BRICS countries in an effort to reduce its dependency on trade

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