27 Aug 2021

India hits a milestone, giving vaccine shots to more than half of the eligible population.

After initially struggling to roll out enough doses, India has given at least one Covid-19 vaccine shot to over half of the eligible population. The health ministry in India said it was ramping up its vaccination drive and working with regional governments to increase the rate of vaccination and prevent

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16 Jul 2021

WhatsApp blocks two million Indian accounts

Over two million accounts in India have been blocked by WhatsApp in May and June for violating rules. 95% of the blocked users were blocked for violating the limit on how many times a message can be forwarded in India. The submissions of blocked users were made in WhatsApp’s first

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09 Jul 2021

India’s Kerala state on alert after Zika virus detected

A statewide alert has been issued in India’s southern Kerala state after a case of the Zika virus was confirmed. 13 suspected cases are being investigated according to Health Minister Veena George. A 24-year-old pregnant woman was found to be infected with the disease and was undergoing treatment in a

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07 Jul 2021

SideCopy cybercriminals use new custom Trojans in attacks against India’s military

Researchers at Cisco Talos recently published a report detailing the activity of the advanced persistent threat group known as SideCopy, which has recently been targeting India with new Trojans. The threat group has been active since 2019 and focuses on valuable assets when choosing its targets. SideCopy has previously targeted

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14 Jun 2021

Headache and runny nose linked to Delta variant

A new variant of Covid-19 referred to as the Delta variant has symptoms such as a runny nose and headache, according to a new study conducted in the UK. The variant will allegedly feel more like a cold for younger people, says Prof. Tim Spector, the head of the study.

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07 Jun 2021

India states start reopening amid dip in Covid cases

India’s Covid-19 crisis has begun to clear up as case numbers continue to fall in major Indian states that were previously virus hotspots. Some regions and states such as the nation’s capital Delhi and financial hub Mumbai have begun to partially re-open. Just a few weeks ago, India witnessed a

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20 May 2021

India’s Covid-19 Daily Death Toll Hits World’s High

On Wednesday, India reported 4,529 deaths in just 24 hours, setting a new high for the amount of Covid-19 deaths in a single day. This was previously held by the US on January 12, when it recorded 4,475 deaths. This marks the ninth time that India has recorded more than

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19 May 2021

Indian navy recovers 22 bodies from barge sunk by Cyclone Tauktae

Cyclone Tauktae has caused the disappearance of dozens of people, marking the most powerful storm to hit the Indian region in more than two decades. The cyclone consisted of winds up to 130 per hour when it hit land in India’s Gujarat state late on Monday. The natural disaster has

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11 May 2021

Dozens of bodies wash up on the banks of Ganges River in India

On Monday, at least 71 bodies were pulled from the banks of the Ganges River in eastern India, according to authorities. The occurrence comes amid the second wave in India that has caused destruction across the country and sent its healthcare system into desperation due to exceeding capacities and oxygen

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05 May 2021

Huawei and ZTE left out of India’s 5G trials

In its preliminary 5G trials, India has left out equipment from Chinese manufacturers Huawei and ZTE, becoming the latest country to take the firms out of its future 5G endeavors. India’s telecom ministry granted permission to a dozen firms, including Nokia and Ericsson, to conduct a six-month trial of 5G

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