29 Nov 2022

QatarEnergy, ConocoPhillips sign LNG deal for Germany

ConocoPhillips and QatarEnergy have signed sales and purchase agreements to export liquified natural gas to Germany for at least 15 years, beginning in 2026. This is the first deal of its kind with Europe from Qatar’s North Field Expansion project.  The deal will provide Germany with two million tons of

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04 Nov 2022

Xi, Scholz warn against ‘irresponsible’ nuclear threats over Ukraine

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz visited Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday in the first visit by a G7 leader to China since the pandemic. At this meeting, both leaders condemned threats made by Russia to use atomic weapons in Ukraine. Scholz pressed Xi to influence Russia to end the war

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19 Oct 2022

German Cabinet approves nuclear plant lifetime extension

Germany’s Cabinet approved an executive decision by Chancellor Olaf Scholz to keep the three remaining nuclear plants in Germany operating beyond an end date set by the prior Chancellor ANgel Merkel. The approval of the decision came on Wednesday and will keep the plants in operation until mid-April 2023. The

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05 Oct 2022

Critical Vulnerabilities Expose Parking Management System to Hacker Attacks

Cybersecurity firm Claroty has discovered nearly a dozen vulnerabilities in a car parking management system developed by an Italian company, Carlo Gavazzi. The company produces the electronic control components that enable building an industrial automation. The flaws were reported to Carlo Gavazzi and the impacted products received patches earlier this

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16 Sep 2022

Germany seizes Russian oil firm Rosneft’s refineries

Germany has taken control of the German side of operations of a Russian oil firm, Rosneft, to secure energy supplies. Energy supplies have been largely disrupted since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Rosneft’s German subsidiaries account for approximately 12 percent of the oil refining capacity in the country and were placed

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02 Sep 2022

Germany rejects new negotiations over Namibia genocide

Six years ago, Germany and Namibia entered into negotiations about a formal apology for the colonial-era killings of tens of thousands of the Herero and Nama people. There was a draft agreement in may of 2021, however, neither governments have signed it. The document drew loud criticism from both politicians

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12 Aug 2022

Germany suspends military mission in Mali amid diplomatic tension

The local military-led government of Mali refused to give a United Nations peacekeeping mission fly-over rights on Friday. After this move, Germany has suspended most of its operations in the country until further notice. The operations included those of the reconnaissance forces and CH-53 transport flights.  Germany was prepared to

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12 Aug 2022

Drought hits Germany’s Rhine River: ‘We have 30cm of water left’

Europe has been living through a long and hot summer, causing some of the major rivers on the continent to drop to significantly low levels. One river that has dropped significantly, posing problems for the people and businesses that rely on it, is the Rhine river in Germany. Several ferry

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09 Aug 2022

German diplomat arrested in Brazil for alleged murder of husband

German Consul Uwe Herbert Hahn is currently being held in custody under orders from a Brazilian Judge due to claims that Hahn murdered his husband in Rio de Janeiro. The orders deny defense claims of diplomatic immunity. Rio police took Hahn into custody on Saturday after Walter Henri Maximilien Biot,

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08 Jul 2022

Germany approves Finland and Sweden NATO membership bid

The German lawmakers in the Bundestag ratified Sweden and Finland’s accession into NATO on Friday. The move of Sweden and Finland joining NATO must be approved by all 30 members’ parliaments. The Bundestag approved the process following Canada, Estonia, Denmark and Norway.  Finland and Sweden decided to join NATO when

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