27 Sep 2021

Meet Olaf Scholz, the man who might replace Angela Merkel as Germany’s next chancellor

Olaf Scholz, the German Finance Minister, may have the best shot at forming a new German government after leading the Social Democratic Party of Germany into a narrow victory in Sunday’s parliamentary elections. The party won 25.7% of the vote over the weekend, while former leader Angela Merkel’s center-right Christian

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22 Sep 2021

Hundreds storm Namibia parliament ahead of German genocide deal vote

Namibia’s parliament was stormed by about 300 protestors on Tuesday. The National Assembly was due to vote on a $1 billion compensation offer from Germany. The compensation was to atone for Germany’s 1904-1908 genocide of the Herero and Nama people. In May, Germany agreed to fund projects in Namibia worth

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10 Sep 2021

Germany Investigates Russia Over Pre-Election Hacking

The federal prosecutor’s office in Germany is investigating who was responsible for hacking attempts aimed at politicians. The Foreign Ministry protested to Russia after several lawmakers and members of Parliament were targeted by phishing emails and attempts to obtain personal information. The federal prosecutor opened a preliminary investigation and cited

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07 Sep 2021

Germany Accuses Russia of Election Meddling Through Cyber-Attacks

Germany has accused Russia of attempting to influence the country’s upcoming general elections through cyber campaigns. The German Foreign Ministry stated that it had gathered intelligence that pointed towards interference by hackers working for Russia’s GRU military intelligence service. According to the ministry, the hackers attempted to steal the login

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23 Aug 2021

Fire Fight Erupts at Kabul Airport as Security Situation Worsens in Afghanistan

Gunfire broke out early this morning at Kabul’s airport, resulting in the death of at least one Afghan soldier. The security situation in Afghanistan has been deteriorating over the past week as Western forces attempt to conduct rescue missions to evacuate those who wish to leave. The evacuation operation has

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11 Aug 2021

Briton suspected of spying for Russia arrested in Germany

A British national, known only as David S, has been arrested in Germany on suspicion of spying for Russia. The man worked at the British embassy in Berlina where he allegedly passed documents to Russian intelligence in exchange for money. The documents that David S sold remain unspecified and it

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16 Jul 2021

Germany’s worst rainfall in a century leaves over 100 dead and many more missing

The catastrophic flooding in Western Europe has now killed more than 100 people and has left hundreds of people missing. Large scale rescue missions are continuing through rising water, landslides and power outages. Entire villages are underwater in Germany and Belgium. The Netherlands and Luxembourg are also affected by the

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15 Jul 2021

Floods in Germany Leave 20 Dead, Dozens Missing As Rain Deluges Europe

In Germany, dozens of people are missing after the country was hit with the worst flooding in decades. The severe flooding caused houses to collapse in Germany, Belgium, and other parts of Western Europe. The situation occurred after days of heavy rain that swelled rivers and overloaded sewage systems. In

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11 Jun 2021

German Chancellor Angela Merkel to visit White House on July 15

Next Month, German Chancellor Angela Merkel will visit the US White House, marking the first formal visit between the world leaders. It also likely represents Chancellor Merkel’s last visit to the US as chancellor as she is not seeking a fifth term in the upcoming elections this September. The pair

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28 May 2021

Germany will pay Namibia $1.3bn as it formally recognizes colonial-era genocide

Over 100 years after the German colonial power committed crimes in present-day Namibia, Germany has recognized the crimes against the Herero and Nama ethnic groups as genocide. Namibia and descendants of the victims will be supported by Germany with the equivalent of $1.3 billion. The monetary support is for reconstruction,

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