05 Feb 2019

Germany cracks down on clan crimes as estimated membership reaches as high as 500,000

After several decades of lax policing and investigations on large crime families across the country, German authorities have announced a change in policy and operations to reduce the massive operations of crime families across the country. One Islamic scholar and migration expert has estimated that 500,000 people in Germany belong

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04 Feb 2019

EU countries recognise Juan Guaidó as interim Venezuelan leader

The UK, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, and Denmark have officially recognized Juan Guaido as the interim president of Venezuela, pushing the Maduro regime further into diplomatic isolation. The countries promised to recognize the opposition government if the Maduro regime did not call for elections within 8 days. The past few

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09 Jan 2019

Disgruntled Man Behind German Cyber-Attack

According to investigators at the German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), a 20-year-old man has admitted that he was behind the recent data breach involving the publication of personal data of hundreds of German politicians and public figures. The BKA stated that they had interrogated the suspect, who then admitted “that

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03 Jan 2019

Xenephobia and mental illness suspected motive in most recent car attack in Germany

Mental illness and xenophobia views are seen as the leading motivations in a car-ramming attack in a western German city on New Year’s Day. Just after midnight, the perpetrator attempted to ram his car into a pedestrian, missing, before driving into the downtown area where he rammed a group of

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27 Dec 2018

German army ‘could recruit EU citizens’

“Seven years after Germany scrapped conscription, its defence chief has said employing EU citizens is ‘an option’ to fill expert posts. Army general inspector Eberhard Zorn said the forces had to ‘look in all directions in times of a lack of qualified personnel’, such as doctors and IT specialists. The

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21 Dec 2018

With eye on China, Germany toughens rules for foreign buyouts

“Germany was Wednesday set to toughen rules on non-EU share purchases and acquisitions of its strategic companies, amid growing disquiet about takeovers by Chinese firms. It plans to lower the threshold where reviews apply to foreign purchase offers of 10 percent of companies, down from 25 percent now. Germany and

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20 Dec 2018

How Berlin’s Arabic-origin crime clans are targeting refugees

Many of Berlin crime organizations known as “clans” were started by refugees of the Lebanon war in the 1980s, mostly Arabic and Kurdish-origin extended-family networks that control a huge chunk of the city’s drug trade, prostitution, and protection. These gangs work alongside or in competition with several homegrown, Eastern European,

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04 Dec 2018

Russian Hackers Allegedly Attacked Germany and the U.S. on the Same Day

Separate reports have connected Russian hackers to different attacks in the U.S. and in Germany on November 14, although it remains uncertain if the events were linked or whether any systems were breached. “First, U.S. cybersecurity companies reported that the group known as Cozy Bear—allegedly an arm of Russia’s foreign

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26 Nov 2018

Jamal Khashoggi killing: Finland, Denmark, Germany halt arms sales to Saudi Arabia

“Three countries have halted arms sales to Saudi Arabia while the U.S. has stuck by the kingdom after the killing of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi. Finland and Denmark joined Germany this week in halting all future arms sales and sending of military equipment to the Saudi government. Germany and

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20 Nov 2018

Germany announces ban on arms exports to Saudi Arabia

“The German government has halted arms sales to Saudi Arabia and slapped a travel ban on a group of Saudi nationals in response to the killing of Jamal Khashoggi, according to news reports on Monday. German daily Die Welt reported that all exports of arms would be stopped, including deals

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