16 Aug 2021

Oak Ridge-Made Software Platform Digitally Twins All U.S. Buildings

Researchers at the Energy Department’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory are currently developing a modeling software suite that takes advantage of publicly available data to provide specifics and enable those interested to visualize energy details about 129 million buildings in America. The simulation tool has been named the Automatic Building Energy

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28 Apr 2021

General Motors Licenses Neural Network Tech from National Lab

General Motors has allegedly poised itself to tap into a new artificial intelligence software system created at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), seeking to advance its driver assistance systems technology and produce futuristic automotive designs. The automaker has also become the first entity to commercially license the Multinode Evolutionary Neural

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18 Dec 2020

Nuclear Weapons Agency Hacked in Widening Cyberattack

According to Politico, official Department of Energy sources confirmed that the Energy Department and its National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) were compromised as part of the SolarWinds espionage campaign. The NNSA is responsible for maintaining the US nuclear stockpile. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has oversight for the entire

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07 Oct 2020

NNSA Buys New Supercomputer to Protect Nuclear Stockpile

The National Nuclear Security Administration announced that it is planning on gaining a new, powerful, tool to advance its mission of maintaining the nation’s nuclear stockpile. The technology is a supercomputer that has been named Crossroads and will be located at the Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Strategic Computing Complex as

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16 Sep 2020

Modern Space Missions Lead to Standing Joint NASA, DOE Coordinating Group

Throughout decades of innovation fostering partnership in space and on Earth, there has been one overall goal: landing humans on Mars. NASA and the Energy Department have been working on a renewed collaboration that aims to achieve this goal, which would make history as the first man on Mars. The

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12 Jun 2020

Energy Explores the Potential of an Artificial Intelligence Grand Challenge

On Wednesday, the Energy Department’s Artificial Intelligence and Technology Office (AITO) invited experts to speak about grand challenges and partnerships worth pursuing to advance research and breakthroughs in AI. Wednesday’s event brought together experts from national laboratories, academia, industry, and more. AITO’s request of information is seeking outside organizations to

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05 Jun 2020

Energy Curates New Tools, Unveils Funding to Assist Research Efforts Against COVID-19

On Thursday, the Energy Department’s Office of Technology Transitions (OTT) released digital tools that aim to aid COVID-19 vaccine research efforts. The office will also dedicate hundreds of thousands of dollars towards non-DOE innovators and entities that will collaborate with its 17 national laboratories to further COVID-19 research efforts. The

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06 May 2020

Energy Offers Advanced Computing Resources to Solve Domestic Manufacturing Challenges

On Tuesday, the Energy Department announced that it is seeking new solutions to energy-centered problems that are currently affecting American manufacturers. The organization plans to grant access to both its high-performance computing assets and scientists’ expertise to the collaborators chosen for the project. The solicitation was released through the organization’s

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16 Mar 2020

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Verizon Unveil Partnership to Advance 5G

The Energy Department’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Washington State is planning to expand its adoption of 5G through a new partnership with Verizon. Pacific Northwest Laboratory focuses primarily on advanced mobile communications research and development and will be the first lab to experiment with 5G on-site according to a

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14 Jan 2020

Energy Department Launches Challenge for Next-Gen Storage Technologies

The Energy Department announced that it will launch a comprehensive program designed to accelerate the development of innovative energy storage technologies in the United States. The project aims to advance the nation’s global leadership in space, as well as to further the use of next-generation energy storage tech. The agency

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