14 Jan 2020

Energy Department Launches Challenge for Next-Gen Storage Technologies

The Energy Department announced that it will launch a comprehensive program designed to accelerate the development of innovative energy storage technologies in the United States. The project aims to advance the nation’s global leadership in space, as well as to further the use of next-generation energy storage tech. The agency

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09 Jan 2020

Electric Cars Will Challenge State Power Grids

A recent study conducted by the Energy Department found that electric cars could have a large impact on the capabilities of state power grids, challenging their ability to effectively charge the onslaught of electric cars. Cities like Seattle aims to have one-third of its residents driving electric vehicles by the

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11 Jun 2018

America’s Most Powerful Supercomputer Unveiled by Energy Department

The Department of Energy’s new supercomputer is now the fastest supercomputer in the country, and possibly the entire world. In one hour, the computer can solve a problem that would take the typical PC 30 years to complete. Taking over 5 years and 280 million USD to build, the computer

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