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Modern Space Missions Lead to Standing Joint NASA, DOE Coordinating Group

Throughout decades of innovation fostering partnership in space and on Earth, there has been one overall goal: landing humans on Mars. NASA and the Energy Department have been working on a renewed collaboration that aims to achieve this goal, which would make history as the first man on Mars. The agencies recently created what is seemingly a joint DOE-NASA coordinated group that will explore potential opportunities to combine resources and new advancements, focusing on the realms of energy, propulsion, and supercomputing.

The new effort paves the way for future potential opportunities for space-related cooperation among agencies in both the near and distant future to achieve space goals at a quicker pace and with the necessary resources. At the University of Tulsa on Tuesday, the groups met to participate in a roundtable discussion to address the topics at hand and create an agenda for the advancements. Rather than continuing the historical ‘one-off project’ collaboration between the agencies, they have decided to systemize the partnership through the new program.

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