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NNSA Buys New Supercomputer to Protect Nuclear Stockpile

The National Nuclear Security Administration announced that it is planning on gaining a new, powerful, tool to advance its mission of maintaining the nation’s nuclear stockpile. The technology is a supercomputer that has been named Crossroads and will be located at the Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Strategic Computing Complex as early as the spring of 2022. The system will reportedly be produced and powered through a $105 million contract that was publicly disclosed last week.

According to the Lab’s Project Director, Jim Lujan, the supercomputer will be utilized to analyze and predict the safety, performance, and reliability of nuclear weapons in order to reduce physical nuclear testing. Lujan stated that the supercomputer’s ability to model the complex nuclear weapons systems will be essential to the Stockpile Stewardship Program over the next several years. This program was created by the Energy Department and the NNSA in order to modernize and promote the safety of the US’s nuclear weapon stockpile.

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