12 Aug 2019

No deal announced as US, Taliban wrap up latest talks

Even though the Taliban announced last week that disagreements between the group and the United States government over the withdrawal of US and NATO forces from Afghanistan had been resolved, the latest round of peace talks in Qatar (the 8th in total) ended on Monday without a peace deal. US

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09 Aug 2019

Iran’s cooperation with the Taliban could affect talks on U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan

As progress in the US-Taliban peace talks finally seems to bring the end of the war in Afghanistan within reach after 18 years, Iran has begun to be open about its cooperation with the Afghan insurgent group. This is far from self-evident, for in the past, Iran fiercely opposed the

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07 Aug 2019

Taliban say differences resolved on US troop withdrawal

The Taliban on Tuesday announced that disagreements between the group and the United States government over the withdrawal from US and NATO forces from Afghanistan have been resolved in the latest round of peace talks in Qatar. US envoy Zalmay Khalilzad stated that “excellent progress” had been made during the

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30 Jul 2019

NATO, Afghan forces killed more civilians than Taliban: UN

During the first half of 2019, the war in Afghanistan resulted in 1,366 civilian deaths, which is 30% lower than in the same period last year, a new report by the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) shows. Shockingly, pro-government forces including NATO troops were responsible for the majority of

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09 Jul 2019

Afghan talks: Rival sides agree on ‘road map for peace’

On Monday, after two-days of so-called intra-Afghan peace talks in Qatar between the Taliban and a delegation of Afghan politicians and civil society members, both sides agreed on a “road map for peace” committing all parties “to respect and protect the dignity of people, their life and property and to

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01 Jul 2019

As US And Taliban Resume Talks, More Deadly Attacks in Afghanistan

As the seventh round of US-Taliban negotiations went underway in Doha on Saturday, a wave of violence swept across Afghanistan, resulting in the deaths of close to 300 fighters from the Afghan government and the Taliban. Previous rounds of peace talks between US officials and members of the Taliban also

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30 May 2019

Taliban says progress made at Afghan talks in Moscow

“Decent progress” was made during the first round of informal peace talks between Afghan politicians and Taliban leaders in Russia, a Taliban spokesman said on Thursday. However, he added that a breakthrough had not been achieved. The spokesman said that the Taliban wants peace in Afghanistan, but stressed that “the

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29 May 2019

Afghan Forces Hit With Wave of Attacks on Eve of Taliban Talks

On Tuesday, one day before the first round of informal peace talks between Afghan politicians and representatives of the Taliban is set to begin in Russia, a sudden surge of violence between Afghan soldiers and Taliban fighters killed 40 people across different parts of Afghanistan. The pattern follows a well-known

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17 May 2019

Pentagon asked for funds to reimburse Taliban expenses: report

Earlier this year, the US Department of Defense asked the House Appropriations subcommittee on Defense for funds to cover the costs of transportation, lodging, food and supplies for Taliban members during  peace negotiations with US government representatives. The latest round of negotiations, the 6th in total, ended last week. The

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09 May 2019

Sixth round of Taliban-U.S. peace talks end

The latest round of US-Taliban peace talks, the 6th in total, ended on Thursday after a little over a week. According to a Taliban statesman, the talks were “positive and constructive,” with both sides making “some progress […] on the draft agreement prepared in the last round of talks.” In

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