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Taliban Abruptly Decide to Keep Secondary Schools Closed to Girls

New reports say that the Taliban remain against the idea that women and girls should be able to receive an education or play active roles in public life. In addition, the Taliban leadership is likely aware that weakening their policies on women’s roles could push some hard-line members to defect to the Islamic State. The Islamic State and the Taliban generally do not get along despite similar beliefs and consider each other enemies. Therefore, secondary schools for girls will remain closed. The announcement came as teachers, parents, and hundreds of thousands of students were preparing to return to school.

The late announcement meant that many girls showed up to facilities on Wednesday dressed in school uniforms, only to be told they had to go back home. One high school teacher from Kabul stated that she was hopeful the girls would be able to go back to school and pursue their dreams. Instead, she claims the Taliban have not changed and remain firm in their attitudes towards women’s roles and rights. Following the announcement, international condemnation began to emerge. The United Nations mission in Afghanistan stated that it deplored the decision.

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