08 Nov 2021

Afghans facing ‘hell on earth’ as winter looms

Afghanistan is facing hardship as temperatures continue to drop and thousands are left without sufficient food or homes. Several areas are still suffering from drought, which adds to the growing sense of catastrophe. According to the World Food Programme, which is providing Afghan families and individuals with food and resources,

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02 Nov 2021

Explosions and gunfire at Kabul military hospital in deadly attack

According to Taliban spokesmen, the Afghan capital of Kabul experienced gunfire and explosions earlier this morning. The conflict occurred at the site of a military hospital, the 400 person capacity Sardar Daud Khan hospital. One spokesman stated that there had been casualties but did not offer figures, while an eyewitness

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01 Nov 2021

Left Behind After U.S. Withdrawal, Some Former Afghan Spies and Soldiers Turn to Islamic State

According to Taliban leaders, former Afghan republic security officials, and those close to the individuals, some former members of Afghanistan’s US-trained intelligence service and elite military units have enlisted in the Islamic State. After being abandoned in the country and hunted by the Taliban, they have joined the only force

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27 Oct 2021

Terror Groups in Afghanistan Could Be Ready to Attack West in 6 Months, U.S. Says

According to a top Pentagon Official named Colin Kahl, the Islamic State in Afghanistan could be ready to launch attacks on the West and its allies as soon as within six months. Al-Qaeda could have the capability to do so in two years, according to Kahl. Kahl serves as the

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25 Oct 2021

Afghanistan Facing Desperate Food Crisis, UN Warns

According to a recent UN report, millions of Afghans will face starvation this winter unless urgent action is taken to ensure food security. More than half of the population currently faces food shortages, while 3.2 million children under the age of five are at risk for acute malnutrition, according to

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21 Oct 2021

Taliban wins backing for aid at Moscow talks, with regional powers saying US and allies should pay

The Taliban, Afghanistan’s new leaders, won backing from 10 different regional powers at talks in Moscow on Wednesday. The Taliban is seeking a United Nations donor conference to help the country avoid economic collapse and a humanitarian catastrophe. Russia, China, Pakistan, Iran, and India all joined forces to call on

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20 Oct 2021

Fresh APT Harvester Reaps Telco, Government Data

A new APT group named Harvester by security researchers is reportedly attacking telcos, IT companies, and government sector targets in a campaign that has been consistent since June. The group is likely a nation-state backed entity and is using custom malware and stealthy tactics, according to researchers. The group has

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20 Oct 2021

Almost Half of Afghan Evacuees at U.S. Bases Are Children, Pentagon Says

In a recent letter, the Pentagon disclosed information regarding Afghan evacuees brought into the US. According to the text, roughly half of the 53,000 Afghan evacuees living at military installations are children. The letter underscores a variety of challenges facing officials who are trying to resettle Afghans within the US.

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19 Oct 2021

U.S. Afghan Envoy Stepping Down After Failure of Talks

Zalmay Khalilzad, the current special representative for Afghanistan under the Biden administration, will step down after two years of unsuccessful negotiations over a peace deal with Taliban officials. The group seized control of Afghanistan in August. Mr. Khalilzad had held a range of different roles spanning several administrations, notably the

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15 Oct 2021

Afghanistan: Explosion strikes Afghan mosque during prayers

More than 90 people are injured and 30 people are dead after an explosion in a Shia mosque in the Afghan city of Kandahar during Friday prayers. The explosion is suspected to be a suicide bombing, but the cause is still unclear. There were three explosions, one at the maind

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