26 Jul 2021

Civilian casualties in Afghanistan hit record high amid US withdrawal, UN says

Earlier today, the United Nations warned that civilian casualties in Afghanistan have reached record highs in the first half of 2021, likely due to the US military’s withdrawal. Deaths and injuries spiked in May, around the time that the US and its allies began withdrawal procedures. Roughly 5,183 civilian casualties

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23 Jul 2021

As the West winds down its ‘war on terror,’ jihadists are filling the vacuum, UN warns

The United Nations warns that the threat from terror groups such as al Qaeda and ISIS is expanding. A report to the Security Council Thursday warned that both groups are in Afghanistan and are a growing threat in Africa as well. The growth of the two groups is connected to

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16 Jul 2021

Taliban fighters execute 22 Afghan commandos as they try to surrender

Members of an Afghan Special Forces Unit were executed by the Taliban on June 16 in Dawlat Abad in Faryab province. Videos of the execution have been released showing at least a dozen unarmed men shot to death as they leave a building and attempt to surrender. The commandos had

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15 Jul 2021

Taliban flag raised above border crossing with Pakistan

According to new reports, the Taliban has gained control over a significant border crossing that links the Afghan town of Spin Boldak, in Kandahar, with the Pakistani town of Chaman. Although Afghan officials have denied that the terrorist organization gained control of the location, videos and photos posted to social

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09 Jul 2021

Taliban capture key Afghanistan-Iran border crossing

A major border crossing between Afghanistan and Iran has been captured by the Taliban. Video footage shows the Taliban forces taking down the Afghan flag from the roof of the border customs office. The Islam Qala is one of the largest trade gateways into Iran, the gateway generates approximately $20m

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06 Jul 2021

US left Bagram Airbase at night with no notice, Afghan commander says

According to Afghan General Asadullah Kohistani, the US military left Bagram Airfield, its key base in Afghanistan, without notifying the Afghan forces. General Kohistani alleges that the US exited the base at 03:00 local time on Friday, yet the Afghan military only found out about the withdrawal hours later. Bagram

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06 Jul 2021

Talks with Taliban are making ‘very little progress’ as militant group gains momentum, says Afghan official

Abdullah Abdullah, a leading Afghan official that heads the High Council for National Reconciliation has reported that talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban have made little progress. Abdullah stated that the Taliban has gained momentum following weeks of US troop withdrawal. In the past few weeks, the Taliban

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02 Jul 2021

Bagram: Last US and Nato forces leave key Afghanistan base

The final US and Nato forces have left the Bagram air base in Afghanistan. The Bagram air base has been the center of the war against militants for the past 20 years. The pull-out from this airbase is a signal that the complete withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan is

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30 Jun 2021

US military ‘days away’ from completing Afghanistan pull-out

US officials have confirmed that the US is just days away from completing its withdrawal from Afghanistan, amid increasing Taliban battlefield gains. HOwever, some US forces are expected to stay and protect the US embassy and Kabul airport. The announcement comes as a top US commander warned that Afghanistan’s government

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24 Jun 2021

Afghan Government Could Collapse Six Months After U.S. Withdrawal, New Intelligence Assessment Says

Last week, the US intelligence community concluded that the government of Afghanistan could collapse as soon as six months after the US fully withdrew troops from the country. The conclusion comes after careful assessments conducted by officials with knowledge of the current climate in Afghanistan, particularly as it pertains to

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