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Afghan universities reopen to female students but with strict rules on mixing

On Wednesday, Afghanistan’s public universities reopened and allowed female students back on campus for the first time since the Taliban took control of the country last year. The Taliban administration has not officially announced its plan for female students, however, education officials and women were permitted to attend classes on the condition that they did not mix with male students. Females and males will continues to attend separate classes, according to Khalil Ahmad Bihsudwal, the head of Nangarhar University. In addition, a female medical student at the university stated that classes had been split by gender, but it remains unclear if women will be taught by male lecturers.

Studying shifts are separated, and female students have been advised not to walk around the university until the boys’s time has concluded. Despite the restrictions, the female student interview stated that she is excited to continue her education and complete her studies. In warmer provinces such as Paktia, Paktika, Kandahar, and Nangarhar, schools will reopen for female students starting on Wednesday. Colder regions will wait to open to both female and male students until March, when temperatures begin to increase.

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