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Taliban, Western officials meet in Oslo to discuss Afghanistan

The Taliban and Western diplomats are holding a meeting regarding Afghanistan’s humanitarian crisis outside of Oslo. The humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan has escalated since the Taliban takeover of power in August after 20 years. The discussions were held with representatives from France, Britain, Germany, Italy, the EU, Norway and the United States on Monday. 

The three-day talks began on Sunday as the Taliban met with Afghan civil society members for talks about human rights. The meetings were described as a positive icebreaker where the Taliban showed goodwill. The Taliban delegation of 15 men arrived on Saturday in Oslo on a plane chartered by the Norwegian government. The talks come as the Taliban requests its assets be unfrozen and international aid has come to a stop since August 15. The frozen assets of the Afghan central bank has caused a banking crisis and almost a collapse of the Afghan economy. Norwegian Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfieldt stressed that the talks were not a legitimation or recognition of the Taliban as the Afghan government.

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