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Explosions and gunfire at Kabul military hospital in deadly attack

According to Taliban spokesmen, the Afghan capital of Kabul experienced gunfire and explosions earlier this morning. The conflict occurred at the site of a military hospital, the 400 person capacity Sardar Daud Khan hospital. One spokesman stated that there had been casualties but did not offer figures, while an eyewitness stated that there was fighting inside the hospital grounds. Some unconfirmed reports claim that 15 people have been killed and several others wounded. No group claimed immediate responsibility for the blasts, but the Taliban claims that fighters from the Islamic State affiliate IS-K entered the compound after setting off the first explosion at the hospital’s entrance gate.

Photographs and video footage from the scene show a plume of smoke over the area and sounds of gunfire. According to Taliban reports, four IS-K fighters were shot and killed by Taliban forces while one was captured alive. A doctor working in the building told news agencies that he and others were sent to seek shelter in a safe room.

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