09 Jul 2019

GoBotKR Targets Pirate Torrents to Build a DDoS Botnet

Threat actors are distributing malware via torrent sites in order to build a botnet, new ESET research shows. The malware, referred to as GoBotKR, is hidden in pirated copies of South Korean films, TV series and video games that are distributed via Korean and Chinese torrent sites. People who download

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27 Jun 2019

Stop mediating between North Korea and US: Pyongyang to Seoul

Two days before US President Donald Trump is set to visit South Korea, the North Korean regime has lashed out at its neighbor to the south, saying that it will “never go through” South Korea in order to deal with the United States, and denying recent South Korean reports of

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24 Jun 2019

Trump to visit South Korea as Pompeo raises hope for new North Korea talks after letter

North Korean leader Kim Jung-un has received a letter “of excellent content” from US President Donald Trump, North Korea’s state news agency reported this Sunday, raising hopes for a new round of talks between Trump and Kim over North Korea’s nuclear program. This weekend, Trump will travel to South Korea

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06 May 2019

Kim Jong Un oversees multiple missile tests: State media

North Korean state media reported on Sunday that the country’s leader Kim Jung-un oversaw a “strike drill” a day earlier. As part of the military exercise, various tactical guided weapons were shot into the East Sea. At the start of the drill, Kim stated that his country needs to “increase

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12 Apr 2019

Trump says sanctions on North Korea to stay in place

During a meeting with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, US President Donald Trump on Thursday said that his administration does not want to lift sanctions on North Korea at this time, adding that the sanctions are currently at “a fair level.” The comment came hours after North Korean leader Kim

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11 Apr 2019

North Korea must deliver ‘blow’ to those imposing sanctions

On Thursday, hours before the scheduled meeting of South Korean President Moon Jae-in and US President Donald Trump in Washington, North Korean leader Kim Jung-un gave a speech in which he emphasized the importance of self-reliance for his country. Kim stressed that he would continue his efforts to build a

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22 Mar 2019

North Korea withdraws from DMZ joint liaison office after new US sanctions

For the first time since the breakdown of last month’s US-North Korea summit, the US government has imposed new sanctions affecting the government in Pyongyang. The direct targets of the sanctions were two Chinese companies that conduct business with the North Korean regime. In what many analysts consider a direct

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12 Mar 2019

U.S. says North Korea diplomacy ‘very much alive,’ but it’s watching rocket site

US special representative for North Korea Stephen Biegun on Monday stated that even though the recent summit failed, “diplomacy is still very much alive” between the Trump Administration and the North Korean regime. Recently, various organizations have warned of renewed activity at a North Korea rocket facility. Biegun said that

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08 Mar 2019

‘Open challenge’: North Korea slams US-S Korea military drills

The recent decision by the governments of the United States and South Korea to cancel two large-scale war games and replace them with smaller drills to prevent antagonizing the North Korean regime has not achieved the desired result. In response to the ongoing US-South Korea joint military exercises, North Korea’s

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04 Mar 2019

South Korea and US to end two large-scale war games

In order not to antagonize the North Korean regime, the US and South Korea have decided to stop holding the Foal Eagle and Key Resolve annual joint military exercises, which in the past have involved up to 200,000 South Korean forces and 30,000 US troops. North Korea has considered the

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