11 Jan 2022

Suspected North Korea missile test hit speed of Mach 10, more advanced than previous test, Seoul says

On Tuesday, North Korea launched a suspected ballistic missile that was more advanced than the missile it tested last week. The missile reportedly reached a velocity of more than 10 times the speed of sound. South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff gave a statement addressing the missile tests, reporting that

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11 Nov 2021

North Korean hackers target the South’s think tanks through blog posts

A North Korean hacking group has been targeting think tanks in South Korea through blog posts riddled with malware. The new campaign dates back to June 2021 and consists of a state-sponsored advanced persistent threat group attempting to plant surveillance and theft-based malware on South Korean victim machines. Researchers from

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08 Nov 2021

Cybersecurity firms provide threat intel for Clop ransomware group arrests

In June, six subjects were arrested by Ukrainian police forces during 20 different raids across Kyiv that consisted of seizing computers, technology, cars, and roughly $185,000 in cash. The Ukrainian police worked with law enforcement in South Korea on the raid, which is known as Operation Cyclone. Interpol allegedly managed

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21 Oct 2021

South Korea Launches First Homegrown Rocket and Satellite Into Space

Today, South Korea launched its first homegrown rocket into space, representing a huge step for the country in space technology. Very few countries have been able to do the same, including the US, China, and Russia. The development will likely be instrumental in expanding Seoul’s military satellite surveillance of North

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19 Oct 2021

South Korea Wants Help to Arrest Alleged Cyber-Criminals

South Korea is currently seeking assistance from the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) to find and detain two foreign nationals who are suspected of being cyber-criminal gang leaders. According to South Korean officials, the individuals played key roles in multiple different cyberattacks as well as conducted a major extortion scam

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12 Oct 2021

Kim Jong-un vows to build ‘invincible military’

Kim Jong Un has vowed to build an invincible military due to hostile policies originating from the United States, according to recent state media reports. Kim Jong Un clarified that the weapons development was for self-defense purposes. The remarks were made at a defense exhibition in which Kim Jong Un

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04 Oct 2021

North Korea reopens communication and military hotline with South

Seoul announced Monday that the communication lines between North and South Korea have been restored for the first time in months. This follows Kim Jong Un’s vow last week to restart communication with South Korea. North Korea had responded on the joint line Monday morning and the two countries’ militaries

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28 Sep 2021

North Korea tests missile hours before South Korea launches new submarine

North Korea reportedly fired a projectile missile into waters off the east coast of the Korean Peninsula just hours before South Korea launched a new submarine, according to a statement from South Korean officials. The missile was fired early in the morning local time, and South Korea confirmed that the

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24 Sep 2021

North Korea open to talks with South, but under conditions

The sister of Kim Jong Un has stated that North Korea is willing to resume talks with South Korea under certain conditions. She mentioned that the South should drop it’s hostile stance- indicating that North Korea wants the United States to relax its economic sanctions against North Korea that are

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15 Sep 2021

Both North and South Korea fire ballistic missiles as tensions rise on peninsula

On Wednesday, both North and South Korea tested ballistic missiles as tensions rise between the neighboring countries. Pyongyang fired the first missiles, sending two into waters off the east coast of the Korean Peninsula. The missiles were fired just minutes apart around 12:30 p.m. local time. Seoul followed the launch

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