08 Feb 2019

Russia 2020 – What Will Putin Do Next?

With the 2018 midterm elections completed an appropriate level of focus is required to think through “What’s next?” from and adversarial perspective.  While is highly unlikely that Russia sits this one out, it is as equally unlikely that the next series of influence operations will look like the previous ones in 2016.  How will Russian strategies of “reflexive control” and “hybrid warfare” impact the United States and other going forward?

Proactively thinking about adversary innovation needs to be a critical part of our cyber defense strategy, not just within the U.S. government but in private industry as well.  Here is our informal take on some of the threat trends we will be confronting over the next two years.

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01 Aug 2018

In Soviet echo, Putin gives Russian army a political wing

In a presidential decree, Putin established a new directorate within the military that will be responsible for “military-patriotic” affairs, including that of the country’s military youth organization. The army has become increasingly influential in political affairs since the 2014 annexation of Crimea, and the new directorate harkens back to a

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17 Jul 2018

Putin: 25 million cyberattacks thwarted during World Cup

Speaking at a meeting with representatives from 55 intelligence units across 34 countries, Putin announced that the broad coalition of cyber forces thwarted almost 25 million cyber attacks connected to the World Cup. Most of the attacks targeted the “information infrastructure” connected to the tournament, but Putin did not provide

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09 Jun 2018

Putin wary of cryptos as Russian farmers use their own to avoid banks

Putin has discussed cryptocurrencies a number of times, with the most recent coming this past week. Here, he discussed the difficulty of integrating them into state policy and financial planning as they are “inherently…beyond national borders.” Hundreds of farmers in Russia, however, have transitioned to a coin known as Kolion

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25 May 2018

Putin’s Cyber OODA Loop is Tighter Than Yours

While hosting a delegation from France, Putin advised that to prevent cyber attacks, nations will have to establish international norms prohibiting such behavior. “This is what I can say about cyberattacks or war of words in the press and other issues. Action always causes reaction. Always. If one does not

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08 Apr 2016

Russia’s 21st Century Information War

For many months now Russia has engaged its domestic and international audiences in a massive information campaign. The goal of the campaign is to persuade and influence local and foreign populations that Russian territorial claims in Ukraine are based on legitimate responses to world events. This media offensive has used

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