02 Oct 2022

What business and government leaders need to know about Putin’s declared intent

Putin’s annexation speech of 30 September 2022 included declarations of his view of the world that make it clearer than ever that he wants all of Russia to believe the West is at war with them. He also made his best case for other nations globally that Russia is on their side in opposition to an evil alliance of Western powers led by the US.

Here is what business and government leaders should know about this speech. We include a list of recommended actions for decision-makers and strategic planners.

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31 Mar 2022

The March 2022 OODA Network Member Meeting: Core Themes Emerge from Five Scenarios for War’s End

To help members optimize opportunities and reduce risk, OODA hosts a monthly video call to discuss items of common interest to our membership. These highly collaborative sessions are always a great way for our members to meet and interact with each other while talking about topics like global risks, emerging technologies, cybersecurity, and current or future events impacting their organizations. We also use these sessions to help better focus our research and better understand member needs.

The March call was held on Friday, March 18th, and was organized around five scenarios for the end of the war in Ukraine.  

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11 Mar 2022

Dr. Scott Shumate Profiles Russian President Vladimir Putin

This OODAcast is a special edition focused on profiling Russian President Vladimir Putin with Dr. Scott Shumate, who has over 30 years of experience evaluating national leaders, terrorists, spies, and insiders.  Scott shares his unique perspective’s on Putin informed by his extensive experience and insight. Is Putin suicidal? Is he a rational actor? Will he escalate to cyber attacks? These questions and more are discussed with Dr. Shumate.

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10 Mar 2022

The Putin Profile: Takeaways from our Interview with a CIA, FBI, and Military Psychologist

Today we recorded an OODAcast with long time colleague Dr. Scott Shumate who has 33 years of national security experience with both the Central Intelligence Agency as an undercover operations officer and the Department of Defense with the Counterintelligence Field Activity as a Senior Executive level director of Behavioral Science support to the departments investigative and counterintelligence units.

Here are the major takeaways from the interview to inform your perspective.

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02 Mar 2022

Hundreds of thousands flee Putin’s assault on Ukraine as temperatures drop

As temperatures drop below freezing, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians are fleeing the country to escape the Russian invasion. The vast majority of refugees are heading west, towards Poland, Romania, and Slovakia. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNCHR) reported that more than 500,000 Ukrainian refugees have arrive in

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21 Jan 2022

What next for Iran and Russia ties after Raisi-Putin meeting?

Ebrahim Raisi expressed hope that the first visit to Moscow by an Iranian president in almost five years would lead to a turning point in relations with Russia. During a three-hour meeting on Wednesday, Raisi and Vladimir Putin supported improving bilateral ties and discussed regional and international issues. Iran’s petroleum

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10 Jan 2022

Kazakh leader declares ‘coup d’etat’ over as Putin claims victory

More than 160 people died in the violent unrest in Kazakhstan and its president called the protests and attempted coup d’etat on Monday. Russia also claimed victory in defending its neighbor during the attempted coup. The president Kassym-Jomart Tokayev said order had been restored in an online meeting of the

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25 Jun 2021

French-German plan for EU-Putin talks collapses

The European Union failed to agree on a French-German proposal for direct talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. On Thursday, Berlin and Paris called for the bloc to resume talks with the Russian leader after US President Joe Biden’s meeting with Putin in Geneva. Some critical member states denounced the

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17 Jun 2021

Biden Tells Putin Critical Infrastructure Sectors ‘Off Limits’ to Russian Hacking

President Joe Biden has revealed that he and President Vladimir Putin of Russia have agreed to establish “what’s off limits” from cyber activity. They also discussed how each country would “follow up” with cyberattacks that originated in either country. This press conference came after Biden’s four-hour meeting with Putin in

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28 May 2021

With Belarus isolated by the West, Russia’s Putin meets with his ally Lukashenko

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko travelled to Russia on Friday for a meeting with Vladimir Putin. The meeting comes after Lukashenko has been isolated and punished by the West for intercepting a civilian jetliner flying over Belarus to arrest an opposition journalist on board. The meeting is symbolic as Lukashenko is

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