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What next for Iran and Russia ties after Raisi-Putin meeting?

Ebrahim Raisi expressed hope that the first visit to Moscow by an Iranian president in almost five years would lead to a turning point in relations with Russia. During a three-hour meeting on Wednesday, Raisi and Vladimir Putin supported improving bilateral ties and discussed regional and international issues. Iran’s petroleum and economy ministers accompanied Raisi and said their talks exceeded expectations. 

The ministers said agreements were made in energy, banking, transportation, and trade. After the visit, officials said bilateral relations across the board were set to improve depending on a few conditions. Comprehensive sanctions on Iran by the United States will complicate any commitments Iran makes. In addition, the figure of bilateral trade for the two countries, $3.5bn in 2021 is lower than some levels reached between Russia and other regional countries. Analysts state that Russia-Iran relations are stronger today than last time an Iranian president visited Russia, however, the visit may have been more ceremonial than a turning point.

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