27 Sep 2022

Death toll rises to 76 as crackdown intensifies in Iran protests- rights group

During 11 days of protests sparked by the death of a woman in custody, at least 76 protesters have been killed by Iranian security forces. Iran Human Rights, a Norway-based organization, has accused authorities of using live ammunition and unequal force to suppress the protesters. State media has announced that

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22 Sep 2022

Iran police battle protesters in Tehran as unrest over woman’s death spirals

In the worst unrest in Tehran in years, there have been battles between Iranian police and anti-government protesters. The protests, on their seventh day, are continuing in many other cities as well as Tehran. The protests were sparked by the death of a woman detained by morality police. Activists say

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20 Sep 2022

Five people killed in Iran in protests over death of woman in police custody, human rights group says

Five people have died at the hands of Iranian security forces due to protests that erupted over the death of female prisoner Mahsa Amini. Amini was being held in police custody for roughly a week before her death, which Iranian authorities have classified as a heart attack. Human rights monitor

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23 Aug 2022

Thousands of Indian farmers return to New Delhi in fresh protests

Massive protests have broken out across New Delhi in a renewed show of opposition against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The protests began on Monday when thousands of farmers gathered to publicly voice their anger over unfulfilled promises made by the government concerning the population. The protests are occurring eight months

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11 Aug 2022

Curfew declared in Sierra Leone’s capital Freetown amid violent anti-government protests

In Freetown, Sierra Leone, hundreds of protesters took to the streets on Wednesday. The protesters were demonstrating against inflation and the rising cost of living in the country. The protests did grow violent at times and some protesters and security forces were badly injured.  Vice President Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh declared

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15 Jul 2022

Mass gathering in Iraq a potential sign of a summer of protests

 A large gathering of Muqtada al-Sadr supporters for a prayer session in Baghdad on Friday showed that the Shia leader was not ending his large presence in Iraqi politics, even when he removed his bloc from the Iraqi parliament in june. This move of prayer may be the beginning of

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08 Jul 2022

Brazil could face ‘more severe’ election unrest than the US Capitol riot, official warns

A senior elections official has warned that Brazil faces possibly dangerous unrest during the country’s presidential vote. The Superior Electoral Court Minister Edson Fachin said there is a risk of unrest more sever than the January 6th insurrection in the United States in 2021.  The elections in October are expected

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24 Jun 2022

Protests force South Africa’s Eskom to widen power cuts

In South Africa, state power company Eskom announced it may have to widen power cuts this weekend as labor protests disrupt operations. The company has been struggling to meet the demand for power in South Africa for over a decade. Eskom has been implementing rotational outages since the beginning of

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17 Jun 2022

Violent protests erupt in India against new military recruitment scheme

Crowds in northern India were pushed back by police firing shot in the air on Thursday as protests grew against a new military recruitment system. Authorities shut off the internet in at least one district as the protests have gotten more chaotic. Prime Minister Narenda Modi and his government announced

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17 May 2022

Sri Lanka down to last day of petrol, Prime Minister tells crisis-hit nation

Ranil Wickremisighe was appointed as Sri Lanka’s new prime minister on Thursday and announced on Monday the country was on its last day of petrol. The country’s power minister warned citizens to not join the long lines for fuel that have increased during the weeks of anti-government protests. In an

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