19 Apr 2021

Navalny transferred to hospital as concerns mount over jailed Kremlin critic’s health

Prominent Kremlin critic Alexey Navalny has been transferred from prison to a regional hospital for prisoners in a town to the east of Moscow as concerns grow over the opposition leader’s health. Navalny was previously poisoned with the nerve agent Novichok and spent time in Germany to be treated. Upon

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25 Mar 2021

Russia says Alexey Navalny is in ‘generally good health’ after his team voices concerns

Russia’s prison service has declared that detained opposition figure Alexey Navalny is in good health after Navalny’s team expressed concern over his physical condition. They also reported that they were repeatedly denied access to see him. Navalny and other prisoners in the country’s Vladimir region allegedly received medical examinations on

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03 Mar 2021

US Imposes Sanctions on Russians

The US has imposed sanctions on senior Russian officials after President Biden promised to take action over the poisoning of opposition leader Alexei Navalny and his subsequent arrest. Several of Navalny’s associates were also detained as Russia continues its crackdown on opposition forces under President Vladimir Putin. US officials have

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22 Jan 2021

Russia detains Navalny aides as protests go viral

After arresting Alexei Navalny earlier this week immediately following his release from a hospital in Berlin, where he was recovering after being poisoned by the nerve agent Novichok, Russian police have detained his close aides. Navalny’s supporters have flooded social media with calls to protest against his and his aides’

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13 Jan 2021

Aleksei Navalny Says He’ll Return to Russia on Sunday

A Russion opposition leader, Aleksei A. Navalny will be returning to Russia this weekend. He faces potential jailing upon arrival due to a petition to the court to imprison him for violating the terms of a suspended prison sentence earlier. Navalny has been in Germany recovering from a nerve-agent attack,

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11 Nov 2020

Hong Kong pro-democracy lawmakers resign after China ruling

Hong Kong’s pro-democracy lawmakers have resigned en masse following an incident in which China removed four of their like-minded colleagues. The resignation comes amid a decision passed by Beijing allowing the city’s government to dismiss politicians posing a threat to national security. The lawmakers decided to exit the city legislature

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10 Sep 2020

Top Belarus activist says authorities threatened to kill her

Prominent Belarusian opposition activist Mara Kolesnikova has released information claiming that the government of Belarus threatened to kill ket amid demonstrations against Lukashenko, the country’s newly re-elected authoritarian leader. Kolesnikova resisted forcible expulsion from the country by ripping up her passport. In a formal complaint released by Kolesnikova’s lawyer,  she

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02 Sep 2020

Belarusian Journalists Face Charges for Covering Protests

On Wednesday, dozens of journalists gathered outside a police station in Belarus to protest the detention of fellow journalists covering protests outside government buildings. The protests have been occurring for several days now, sparked by the re-election of Alexander Lukashenko. Many members of Belarus’s opposition party claim that the election

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24 Aug 2020

Alexei Navalny’s Illness Latest Blow to Russia’s Struggling Opposition

An outspoken critic of the Kremlin Alexei Navalny has fallen ill after drinking tea that was allegedly laced with poison. Although Navalny was receiving treatment in Russia, he has since been evacuated to a Berlin hospital, where doctors have not provided updates on his condition or the cause of the

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20 Aug 2020

Belarus opens criminal case against opposition leaders

Amid weeks of protests, the Belarus chief prosecutor has allegedly opened a criminal case against opposition leaders, some of which have already fled the country. The case accuses them of trying to seize power or stage a coup. Lukashenko, Belarus’s current ruler, has also ordered the police to use all

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