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Aleksei Navalny Says He’ll Return to Russia on Sunday

A Russion opposition leader, Aleksei A. Navalny will be returning to Russia this weekend. He faces potential jailing upon arrival due to a petition to the court to imprison him for violating the terms of a suspended prison sentence earlier. Navalny has been in Germany recovering from a nerve-agent attack, suspectedly carried out by the Russian state. He has been recovering for months after being poisoned with the military-grade agent in Siberia in August. 

He has bought a ticket to Moscow for this Sunday. Last month Navalny released two videos on YouTube revealing the plot by Russia’s domestic intelligence service to kill him. The Kremlin then stated he would be imprisoned should he return, but that could set off protests. Mr. Navalny is returning, seemingly calling Putin’s bluff, the Kremlin did not expect him to return.

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