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Top Belarus activist says authorities threatened to kill her

Prominent Belarusian opposition activist Mara Kolesnikova has released information claiming that the government of Belarus threatened to kill ket amid demonstrations against Lukashenko, the country’s newly re-elected authoritarian leader. Kolesnikova resisted forcible expulsion from the country by ripping up her passport. In a formal complaint released by Kolesnikova’s lawyer,  she claims that Belarus stat security forces placed a bag over her head and drove her to the border of Ukraine before she fought her removal from the country and was imprisoned instead.

Kolesnikova stated that the move brought about death threats, with security forces telling her if she refused to leave they would get rid of her through using other methods. She subsequently demanded an investigation into the KGB officers on charges of abduction, illegal detention, and threatening to kill. This week marks one month since record-breaking protests have occurred throughout the country’s major cities, calling for Lukashenko to retire or to hold a re-vote

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