18 Jan 2022

NATO, Ukraine Sign Deal to ‘Deepen’ Cyber Cooperation

NATO signed a deal on Monday to strengthen its cyber support for Ukraine after a hacking attack against Kyiv. These attacks have prompted fears that Russia could be plotting an invasion. Ukraine said Sunday that it had evidence Moscow was behind last week’s attack on government websites, however the Kremlin

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12 Nov 2021

NATO and US DoD AI Strategies Align with over 80 International Declarations on AI Ethics

NATO’s release in October of its first-ever strategy for artificial intelligence is primarily concerned with the impact AI will have on the NATO core commitments of collective defense, crisis management, and cooperative security.

Worth a deeper dive is a framework within the overall NATO AI Strategy, which mirrors that of the DoD Joint Artificial Intelligence Center’s (JAIC) efforts to establish norms around AI:   “NATO establishes standards of responsible use of AI technologies, in accordance with international law and NATO’s values.” At the center of the NATO AI strategy are the following six principles: Lawfulness, Responsibility and Accountability, Explainability and Traceability, Reliability, Governability, and Bias Mitigation.”

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25 Oct 2021

NATO releases first-ever strategy for Artificial Intelligence

The strategy outlines how AI can be applied to defence and security in a protected and ethical way. As such, it sets standards of responsible use of AI technologies, in accordance with international law and NATO’s values. It also addresses the threats posed by the use of AI by adversaries

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02 Jul 2021

Bagram: Last US and Nato forces leave key Afghanistan base

The final US and Nato forces have left the Bagram air base in Afghanistan. The Bagram air base has been the center of the war against militants for the past 20 years. The pull-out from this airbase is a signal that the complete withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan is

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16 Jun 2021

NATO Warns it Will Consider a Military Response to Cyber-Attacks

In a communique issued by governments attending the latest meeting of the North Atlantic Council in Brussels, the group warned that it is prepared to treat cyberattacks in the same manner as a physical armed attack against any of its allies. This would include some sort of military response against

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15 Jun 2021

Biden, NATO Stress Threats From China and Russia

US President Biden and NATO allies warned about China’s global influence, also identifying Russia as a threat to European security, as Biden sought to bolster an alliance at the NATO conference held yesterday in Brussels. Disputes between the member countries have complicated the situation regarding threats originating from China and

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26 May 2021

Pentagon Accelerates Withdrawal From Afghanistan

The United States has reportedly sped up its withdrawal of military forces from Afghanistan and intends to be removed from the country completely by early to mid-July, alongside its NATO allies. US President Joe Biden originally planned a September 11 withdrawal deadline, however, the process has accelerated. However, while the

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12 May 2021

NATO exercises sweep Europe amid Russian escalation, rising tensions between Moscow and US

The Navy SEALs are taking part in the “Trojan Footprint” military exercises across five Eastern European countries. The exercises involve 600 NATO and non-NATO forces, troops from Ukraine and Georgia are also included. The training is taking place next to the Defender-Europe 21 NATO joint exercises containing 28,000 troops from

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01 Dec 2020

NATO Should Expand Its Focus to Include China, Report Says

A report that will allegedly be delivered today urges the alliance group NATO to devote more time and resources to threats posed by China while continuing to deter Russian aggression. The report contains findings from a study commissioned by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s Secretary-General. NATO received harsh criticism last

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03 Sep 2020

Putin Critic Alexei Navalny Poisoned With Novichok, Berlin Says

According to an announcement made by the German government, Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny was poisoned with a chemical nerve agent known as Novichok. Navalny has been hospitalized since the incident and transferred to a facility in Germany where he has been receiving care. This represents the strongest evidence that

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